The last block is the hardest

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Recently, Daniel Kraft and I attended SaaStr Annual 2016 – a great annual event for SaaS companies to share ideas and network as they grow their businesses. The event was held in San Francisco and we picked a hotel less than a half mile from where the conference was being held. I thought this would be a great walk to start each day, but what I didn’t realize was that the hotel was in Union Square and the event was at the top of Nob Hill. So that short 10-min walk was actually entirely uphill. We started each day at a nice brisk pace and as we reached that long block it seemed like we’d never make it.
On the last day, as I was walking back down the hill, I started to think to myself how hard that walk seemed each morning when I left the hotel, but how happy I was when I entered the event each day and completely forgot about the journey to get there.
I related this to a handful of customer conversations I’ve had lately. Our customers have done an amazing job initiating company communications, but employee reach always seems to be the biggest challenge. Just like that last painful block, why does it have to be hard to connect with every employee?

Add some stairs

On the final block before we reached the top, the incline was so steep, stairs had been added. This made that last incline a bit more achievable. What if we made the ability to reach all our employees just a little easier, just like the stairs on that last block?
Your workforce can be very diverse. Even if the majority have similar types of jobs (i.e. consultants or sales), the way individuals prefer to work and manage their day will differ. The one thing everyone has time for is their mobile device. I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t check their mobile phone a few times during the day. Whether before they leave the house or run between meetings, there is short period of time when attention is on that tiny device. Why not give them important communication where it is easy to access, right on their mobile device?

Give your employees options

For me, the stairs saved the day, but for others they were more annoying and they preferred the inclined pavement. The same applies for communications. Not every message is meant for every employee, so make sure you put forward the right messages. Delivering relevant information will ensure that your communication is heard.

                 -Don’t let the challenge of reaching your employees stop you from taking the journey.-

You can make it

The uphill walk seemed challenging, but each day we made it and enjoyed some nice conversations along the way. Don’t let the challenge of reaching your employees stop you from taking the journey. Your plan for employee communications is a good one, just take the extra step to build the right path to reach your entire organization.

Stefanie Lightman, General Manager, North America and APAC

Stefanie Lightman brings more than 20 years of experience in technology marketing, business development, and strategy to her role at Sitrion where she is responsible for all customer-facing activities for North America and APAC. Stefanie is passionate about turning great ideas into real revenues showcasing the advantages a clearly defined strategy and strong alignment between sales, services and marketing can bring to an organization.


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