The Power of Instant Access: A Story from 35K Feet

For those of you who don’t know me, I lead our alliances and partnerships at Sitrion. To give you some perspective, I wrote this blog from 35K feet while on my way home from back-to-back tradeshows. The first one was the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, then I was onto Orlando for the SAPinsider HR Conference. As you can imagine, these conferences draw two distinctly different crowds. That being said, I’d like to focus on the HR Conference for a moment.   


Conversations in the real world

I feel very lucky to be part of a small software company that really makes a difference in people’s lives by providing them with solutions that put time back in their day – time they can use to spend with family, friends, hobbies, or whatever other activities they like to do outside of work. I know what you’re thinking – here we go again, another story about increasing productivity, or saving time and cost due to… blah blah blah. While that may be true, this story is REAL so I am going to continue sharing it – please stay with me for a few more minutes.


When I set out for Orlando I was excited to meet the many partners and customers who I had various telephone conversations with leading up to the event. I’m not sure if you agree, but nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation - which in this case began on the plane, ironically enough. I had the pleasure of sitting next to a gentleman who worked for a manufacturing company that will have to remain nameless. Our conversation began when he noticed I was using a Windows Phone vs. the main stream iPhone or Android device (PS - I worked for Microsoft for 13 years; I guess old habits die hard). We discussed what types of apps we use most and how much we value the instant access to everything now a days. Then we dove into what he does for work and the problems he is having to be able give that type of instant access to his employees via their mobile devices for simple processes like attendance, sales orders, time management, etc. in his SAP environment.


Hey, we can help with that!

This got me really excited because we have a new solution specifically for this type of problem – by quickly and easily mobilizing business processes for organizations who use SAP. When he explained they were going to have to write 5-7 apps to help their end users access SAP for simple processes around HR and sales activities… for iOS and Android devices… and constantly update them, I cringed. I asked him, “What if you could write one app for every mobile platform? What if you only had to update that ONE app during upgrades while it seamlessly pushes out dozens of MicroApps? MicroApps that handle all of the simple processes that take 15 minutes in an on premise SAP environment. Well, YOU CAN with our Sitrion ONE mobile platform.” He was amazed thinking about the development time he would save and how that would translate into hard financial savings. Then we went on to discuss sports, our kids, and other hobbies we were interested in. 

During the show in Orlando our team had various conversations like this with customers from pharmaceuticals, automotive, retail, insurance, and other industries – and when we got to the punch line and the value of Sitrion ONE, it was always the same eyes-wide-open response. The conference was a great event where I was able to learn more about our customers and meet a ton of partners that are interested in working with us!


If you are interested in becoming a Sitrion partner and bringing these great solutions to your customers, please contact me via email or find me on Twitter, @ericadams88.


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Eric Adams, VP, Business Development

Eric came to Sitrion after spending over 13 years working at Microsoft.

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