The (Preakness) Stakes are Getting Higher – Part Two

Here we go again. Now that your proposal has been selected for further review, it’s back to the races (pun intended). You need to make it through the feasibility phase – which includes more detail planning and design to deliver your results. Your plan now includes a more detailed assessment of costs, resources required, delivery timeline, as well as a risk assessment.
You have a couple of options to consider – use a vendor supplied solution, build it yourself, have it custom built by a consultancy, or find a solution that delivers what you need out-of-the-box with limited configuration. You will weigh the pros and cons – and the conversation may go something like this...

Vendor Supplied Solution

You look into your vendor’s solution (CRM, for example) and find it is too limited and only connects to their system. You need data from multiple systems to meet your use case and provide the ultimate efficiency.

Build It Yourself

Let’s face it, experienced mobile skill sets are in high demand and cost $$$. Traditional native development would require obtaining skills (hiring or contracting) or retraining staff. This would add more time, cost, and risk to your project. Traditional native mobile development projects can take months – on average seven months to deliver one app with backend integrations. Conclusion – high cost and high risk don't bode well for an on-time and on-budget delivery.


You will find an amazing amount of skill on what can be delivered and likely at a lower cost than you can do internally. Surveys show that developing an enterprise mobile app costs, on average, $270K. However, you should consider that you will need to support the solution operationally in the future. This means the cost of supporting the infrastructure as well as the need for ongoing change management and experts suggest that mobile apps should have 6-7 iterations/releases per year. That can easily add 20% or more of the original project cost year over year.  
In addition to these options, can you find an out-of-the-box solution that delivers everything you need?

A Sure Bet 

Sitrion ONE can deliver mobile employee productivity in days, not weeks or months, because our solution provides pre-configured, common mobile use cases out-of-the box. Even more, you won’t get “boxed out” because you don’t have to trade speed for flexibility. A complete solution, Sitrion ONE will enable you to create your own specific use cases using existing .NET skill sets – further reducing costs. A savvy business analyst can design the screens and flow with simple drag and drop tools as well as take advantage of the pre-built connectors to backend systems like SAP, SharePoint, Office 365, Oracle, CRM, and other business critical solutions.
You’ve put yourself in a great position for the opening of the gates. You have the speed, capability, and can deliver results. You’ve pulled ahead a clear winner in this race.

Belmont – Final Stakes – Can you go...all...the...way?

You will face a field of fierce competition for the same prize budget. At the end of this phase it won’t be roses or a trophy, it will be a project approval. Competition includes “keep the lights on” as well as other new initiatives. How do you win? By showing that you can deliver a solution that will have a strong, positive impact for the organization with low risk and high ROI. Ping me and let's work together on your specific use cases using the "sure bet" option to deliver value with speed, agility, and low risk. 

Vicki Spacko, Enterprise Account Executive

Vicki focuses on digital transformations through mobile strategies and the impact they have on business. Her passion is to work with enterprises on how they can leverage mobile channels to increase employee productivity. When not working, Vicki enjoys culinary pursuits (an amateur chocolatier and formidable griller) and running and biking Chicago’s lakefront - to counter balance the former.


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