The Prescription – Day 2 of SAPPHIRENOW 2014

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were a doctor? I imagine it has to feel great to help people overcome sickness, disease, and injury so they can get back to living a full life. So what does being a doctor have to do with technology? 


This week I have been attending the global SAP SAPPHIRE NOW Conference with the goal of sharing how we make work better for our customers and partners around the world. This is not an easy mission, but with the Sitrion platform we are really making a difference in the level of efficiency and productivity our customers are achieving. During SAPPHIRE I have had the opportunity to meet with product managers from SAP and Microsoft, as well as key leaders from many of our great Sitrion partners.

Some of my most inspiring meetings have taken place with prospective partners. Our discussion usually begins with the types of business challenges their customers are trying to address. A common theme has emerged in these meetings... mobilization of their clients SAP business processes. As you may already know if you work with SAP, these business processes are complex and unique to each customer’s environment. Add to that the need for security and support of multiple device platforms, and you can see why so many businesses are struggling to solve this problem. 

It’s not a dream – it’s reality.

Despite the complexity, I love having these conversations because Sitrion ONE can easily help customers overcome these challenges. Providing the ability for our partners to write native apps once and publish them to all mobile platforms with role-based delegation in a secure fashion is extremely powerful because it cuts development time and cost, increases productivity, and enable secures BYOD strategies. And it helps me fulfill my daydream of being a doctor. A doctor that has the perfect prescription for what is causing so much pain amongst businesses around the globe. Feel free to check out Sitrion ONE for free at

Interested Partners

There are some great business opportunities for systems integrators who leverage our enterprise mobile development environment. If you are interested in enhancing your current mobile practice with Sitrion ONE, please contact me, or reach out on Twitter, @ericadams88. And if you are at SAPPHIRE this week, stop by our booth (#447) and let’s talk in person!


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Eric Adams, VP, Business Development

Eric came to Sitrion after spending over 13 years working at Microsoft.

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