The scorecard helps you be smart about Q&A

When we talk to customers, Questions & Answers is often regarded as one of the most impactful enterprise social activities as it drives best practice sharing and retention of intellectual property, in addition to simply helping people get work done.  Part of a series of blog posts leading up to Collective about the Sitrion Engagement Scorecard, I last wrote about Activity Levels.  In this post I will explore measurement of Question Activity specifically and how the Engagement Scorecard can help with this.

If you missed my previous posts, you can view them with these links: Participation, Connections, and Activity Levels.

What Question Activity Data Can Be Tracked With Engagement Scorecard?

Question Activity data helps our customers measure the effectiveness of knowledge sharing within their social network. The Engagement Scorecard tracks the number of questions asked for the specified time period and for those questions reports the average time it takes questions to be answered, the percent of questions that receive an answer, and the percent of questions that have an answer marked as good. Each metric may be configured to meet the specific goals of the organization and the Scorecard provides visual feedback on how the data is tracking versus goal using green (at or above goal), yellow (within 50% of goal), and red (below 50% of goal) indicators.


What Insights Can Question Activity Data Provide?

Question Activity data can provide the following types of insights:

  1. Is the social network being used effectively for knowledge sharing?
  2. Are users receiving timely responses to their questions?
  3. Are the answers provided within the social network helpful and relevant?
  4. Should badges be established to recognize users for asking and/or answering questions within the social network?


Real World Example – Question Activity

Here at Sitrion, we use the Engagement Scorecard to help track the success of Engage - our very own private digital community where our customers, partners and staff come to discover, connect, collaborate and share with each other. In June 2013 we hired a new Director of Community (Luke Sinclair) to enrich Engage and cultivate even more adoption. One critical area we were looking to enhance was knowledge sharing and we were able to use the Scorecard Question Activity data to show the positive influence Luke provided. When comparing the 3 months prior to Luke’s arrival to the 3 months post Luke’s arrival, we have seen a 15% increase in the percent of questions answered and the percent of answers marked as good has doubled.


Learn More

Does your organization use its social network for knowledge sharing? If so, what Question Activity data do you track?


If you would like to learn more about the Sitrion Engagement Scorecard, please contact us to schedule a demo.  If you are attending the Collective in Orlando in a few weeks, make sure you check out the “Which Comes First? Metrics or Experience?” presentation by Kelly Gault and Oliver Ziegler at 4:45pm on Tuesday, May 13.  You will more about using metrics to make informed decisions and where experience plays a role in better adoption.


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