The truth about ceiling tiles & human value

They Say That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Last year, I had to prepare to split my team into two locations in Manhattan. We were integrating two huge businesses, getting rid of two pricey leased properties in midtown, and dividing all of the people between two buildings — one midtown and one downtown. We wanted to have a very cool, open, and collaborative workspace with great views. AWESOME! Some of the money we saved was going to be spent on upgrading our technology. NOW WE’RE TALKING! We encouraged more remote work, anytime, anywhere. WOO HOO! People would give up their offices and move to open seating… NOW WAIT JUST A @#?!!#@ MINUTE! It was one of those wondrous moments of déjà vu.

Facilities Administration and Other Scary Tales

You see, much earlier in my career, I had the pleasure of managing facilities. I clearly remember the guy who came in to complain that his “VP office” was only eight ceiling tiles wide while his neighbor’s “VP office” had ten ceiling tiles. It was then that I realized that some people actually believe that their importance and value in the company is directly correlated to the number of squares of white foam board above their head.

Image credit: NBC.

Itching to Move?

In this latest move, I learned that asking people, who are from Connecticut and New Jersey, to travel ten additional minutes on the subway in either direction is like asking for an arm. I witnessed people breaking out in hives at the thought of moving south of 34th street.

So now I am at NewsGator, where we are shaping the future of work. I am only a few weeks in — and what happens??? We plan a move. I am looking forward to enjoying the experience this time. We have an amazing opportunity to show a lot of other companies how it’s done. Our ceilings do not define us and our walls only confine us. We are a powerhouse of talent and ideas with the ability to execute the extraordinary. When it comes to new ways of working, we lead the way. See you soon in the new Denver HQ.

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