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During the month of September, I had the great pleasure of visiting and spending time with many of my former HR colleagues in New York City. I know September is the last chance I will have to see any of you as October marks the beginning of our beloved “silly season.” We start with open enrollment, kick off the year-end performance review and compensation planning process, begin business planning for the coming year, and then we try really hard to squeeze in a tiny bit time with family and friends for the holidays.

Here I am, your friend who made the bold move to a cool, global technology company, working anytime, anywhere, and helping my HR peers understand this world. Maybe I am stating the obvious, but… technology can help you to get things done and to make work better for your entire company. At the very least, we need to make a serious effort to understand what’s out there, what is does, and how it works. As I have said it before in a few previous blogs, when it comes to technology - if we in the “people business” (aka HR functions) don’t lead, we will surely follow

I spent the better part of the last year teaching the HR community about social technology. We share a passion for making work better, and I hope the dialogue we started has been helpful. These days I am immersed in business processes and the tools we have today to make routine tasks “smart” for those of us who have SAP HCM systems. While it doesn’t sound quite as sexy as being social and collaborative, it is just as powerful when it comes to making your work, and the work of the people in your company MUCH better. When the world of streamlined business processes meets enterprise social technology -- stand back!

I always welcome the chance to talk with you. I am an HR professional like you and I am in a unique position here to share what I am learning about the future of work. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and right here at Keep me in mind as you kick off open enrollment this month. Check out the eBook that I recently helped write, which talks about ways that technology can help you streamline the Benefits Enrollment process. One of our customers, a 7,500 person energy company, was able to use our technology to reduce HR support tickets during the enrollment season from thousands to just a few dozen!! Since it is already October and your process is probably already starting, perhaps you think that it is best to talk with us in time for next year? Nope – call me now so I can share and understand your pain and show you how it can be so much better!
Ditto for lots of other processes and programs you run with SAP HCM and SharePoint. Painless open enrollment is only one example of how we can help. Unhappy with your intranet? Frustrated that the HR self-services you spent time and money to implement still isn’t truly self service? Want to implement a mobile strategy? If you are in HR, thinking about any of these things, and using any one or all of these platforms, you should get to know us.

Best of luck as you begin our favorite season!


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Nancy Gill, Chief People Officer

Nancy came to Sitrion after leading the HR function for the Investment Bank at JPMorgan Chase, supporting over 28,000 employees globally. She brings eight years of experience from the National Football League where she was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, responsible for establishing and leading the League's strategic HR functions. Nancy's passionate about empowering leaders to achieve greater levels of success. She holds a BA in Fine Arts from Kean University and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University

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