Today I Feel Like an IT Hero

Being an IT leader at our company my team is responsible for desktop productivity, meaning we take care of the tools that people use every day to get their jobs done including everything from unlocking accounts and resetting passwords for those that have forgotten them, to repairing PC’s and peripherals, to figuring out why someone’s email isn’t going out. Most days things go smoothly, and we deal with them when they don’t. Many of the new pieces of technology that come into my world make life trickier – because they tend to break or they cause problems in other places. 

But today, my team has a new set of mobile tools that we built for ourselves with Sitrion ONE. Everyone was pretty excited to learn something new, and development went very quickly. Last week we got a chance to see how these tools worked.

Getting Things Done

I grabbed my iPhone while I sipped my morning coffee. There were a couple new push notifications, so I opened the Sitrion ONE mobile client. There was a card that showed my budget update and I could see that my department is running under budget in all categories, so nothing to worry about there – but it was nice to know it without having to look. Next, there was a card that showed a purchase order request. It showed a few replacement hard drives and power supplies being requested by a lead on my hardware team. Everything is in order, so I was happy to be able to just click “approve” on the card and not have to login somewhere else to close it out. I also saw a request for vacation from one of my support leads. By tapping into the card, I was able to see my team vacation calendar. There will be enough coverage during that time, so I quickly approved that request as well. Which reminded me, I plan to take a couple of days off for my birthday, so I tapped on the vacation request icon and quickly submitted a time off request.

Feedback from My Team

After one full day of using the solution, I checked in with my team to see how the mobile app had been working for them. One team member really loved the ability to work with our legacy trouble ticket system from his phone. Being able to look up a trouble ticket and close it out while he was still at a user’s desk will make things go much more smoothly. And when he needed to order replacement parts, it was great to be able to submit a purchase order while he was actually working on the hardware. Another tech pointed out how nice it was to be able to tap into our homegrown inventory management system to lookup whether we had parts in stock instead of immediately ordering something new. Yet a third team member says her favorite thing was access to our team reference database. Being able to quickly look up things like server names and IP addresses made troubleshooting much faster – especially when working away from her desk.  


It’s a Different World

There were a lot of suggestions from my team about new apps they could build and enhancements to add to the existing ones. I’m really happy to hear the team thinks those changes can be on their phones within the next couple of days. It’s such a different world from desktop updates that used to take months to schedule and carry out.

At the end of the day, I decided to do a quick check on the trouble ticket system from my phone. Wow – it was a record for closing tickets in one day! That made me take a moment to reflect. Like many days, there were some issues that came up, but with these new mobile tools available to the team it really made things much easier as well as made a direct impact on productivity levels and employee satisfaction. Today was a good day!


Todd Bryars, IT Operations Manager


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