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Recently I was part of a discussion on Twitter about lean user experience. This discussion started with a statement from Stockholm: "Agile teams should work with peer programming and Photoshop." As an interactive designer and a fan of the lean approach, this statement felt totally wrong. I had a lot of arguments directly in mind on why this approach is not lean, but being limited to 140 characters was quite challenging. Focusing on my core arguments and getting rid of the unnecessary “blah blah” is a challenge we face when we think about mobile design.

Have you tried to Twitterize a Business Use Case?

As an interactive designer I work daily on bringing complex use cases into a proper user interface that can enable a user to fulfill his goal without overwhelming him. At a desktop PC this is quite simple; there is a lot of space available. There are no hard decisions about what information is really necessary or which feature is too much. The real estate on your desktop is big enough to put several things on it even if they are unnecessary. Making these decisions in a mobile context is much harder.

Working within a mobile environment brings up questions that are much tougher to answer: What is the right content, information, or action? When is the right time and place for an action? What does the user environment look like? What is the context the user is working in?

With mobile design you need to hit a moving target that moves through a highly-interrupted environment. We are forced to prioritize what is valuable enough to be on the screen vs. what is secondary that can live off-canvas or get completely kicked out. This effects the way we need to think about our use cases and information within business software – it is more like discussing something on Twitter.

Porting complex business applications into a mobile environment is more than just a limited set of features. It is digging for real value and adding mobile capabilities to make the user more productive.

At Sitrion we have developed the next generation of mobile productivity. It is called Sitrion ONE and it will convert your thinking about mobile business applications. We are focusing on an effortless, consumable information format (e.g., processing tasks in seconds, data lookups) which deliver real value immediately and make your most popular actions accessible with just a gesture. ONE brings the ecosystem of devices you work with into a seamless, consistent experience, and converts those devices into weapons of productivity. ONE will change the way you interact with your business content, data, and tasks. 

As a designer I am proud to be part of the development of this product because I know it will have a real impact on our users. ONE will make your work better! Feel free to ping me on Twitter @xavas2k to talk about the business applications that you’d like to see in a mobile environment.

Ralph Tonn, UX and Branding

Ralph is Sitrion’s Interaction Designer and lives in Oldenburg, Germany. He believes in creating great products that change the way people interact. He loves to work within agile project teams and challenge existing ideas and mindsets to find the best solution for each project. His motto is "Be open minded!"


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