Understanding the social groups within your network

In my blog series about the Sitrion Engagement Scorecard, we have covered: Participation, Connections, Activity Levels, and Question Activity. Now let’s talk about Social Groups Activity.


What Social Groups Activity Data Can Be Tracked With Engagement Scorecard?

With Social Groups, the Engagement Scorecard measures data for public and private communities and public and private spheres. It looks at the total number of social groups and for those groups determines what percent are meeting a configurable minimum threshold of activity. In addition, the Scorecard tracks how engaged users are with social groups by calculating what percent of the user base is following a configurable minimum threshold of social groups. And each of the configurable metrics includes red/yellow/green status indicators so that customers can easily see how they are tracking versus their goals.


What Insights Can Social Groups Activity Data Provide?

The information provided by Social Groups Activity data can provide the following types of insights:

  1. How effective is the community governance plan?
  2. Is there sufficient activity within the social network’s communities and spheres?
  3. Is a campaign required to educate users on the value of following communities?
  4. Do community managers need additional support for getting users to engage with their social groups?
  5. Should the company reassess its policies around ‘auto-following’ of communities?

Real World Example – Social Groups Activity

Many of our customers excel at management of their social groups and use the type of data we track in the Engagement Scorecard to measure progress.  For example, a 30,000 employee financial services firm made a major investment in training their community managers and decided that the growth in the number of active communities would be a key KPI to measure the effectiveness of the training. With the help of our services team, the company created a community governance plan and a webinar series that educated community managers on best practices for community set up, seeding, and management. Post training the company saw a 2X growth in the number of active communities.


Learn More

We would welcome hearing about what data you think is important with respect to social groups. How do you measure success within your social groups? Do you set KPIs for community managers? Do you track activity levels within your social groups?

One more plug from me for sessions at the Collective in Orlando where you can also learn more:

  • Tuesday, May 13 at 4:45pm (on the main stage):  “Which Comes First? Metrics or Experience?” by Kelly Gault and Oliver Ziegler
  • Wednesday, May 14 at 3:30pm (in the Experience Lounge): Q&A session with Kelly on how to use the scorecard to influence engagement


And as always, if you would like to learn more about Sitrion Engagement Scorecard, please contact us to schedule a demo.


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