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Several weeks ago, I posted a blog about the insights provided by our new Sitrion Engagement Scorecard and focused on the Participation section. As we look to our annual user conference, Collective 2014 which starts in a few weeks, I’d like to continue the discussion by giving you a quick look at the Connections metrics within the Engagement Scorecard – what are they, what value does Connections data provide, and how do customers use this data...


What Are Connections?

Connections focus on the following (or friending) of colleagues within the social network.  We track two important data points – the percent of users that are connected to a minimum threshold of colleagues and the total number of new connections that have been made throughout the entire social network.

What Insights Can Connections Data Provide?

Looking at Connections data can help you answer the following types of questions:

  1. Are people connecting with their colleagues or do I need to educate users on the value of social connections and how to select the best colleagues to follow?
  2. What auto-follow rules should we put in place to ensure that individuals are connected to the right colleagues?
  3. How much intra-company collaboration is taking place within my organization?
  4. Does our employee onboarding program need to include an overview on the value of social connections and tips on whom to connect with in the social system?


Colleague Connections Real World Example

Our own experience has shown that building colleague connections within the social network leads to greater adoption and higher business value. We use the Connections metrics to measure the impact of both our online and offline efforts to encourage colleagues to follow one another.  For example, as we lead up to Collective 2014, we implement Sitrion Adoption Framework methods such as education programs and campaigns to encourage people to join Enage (our customer/partner/employee extranet) and connect to colleagues.  The Engagement Scorecard data helps us to assess which programs and communications are most successful.  During the Collective 2013 season, we saw a 64% average increase in monthly new connections between eNGage members.  This Engagement Scorecard data is indispensable in helping us to assess which programs and communications were most successful and such data will assist us as we decide where to invest our efforts in 2014.


Learn More

I welcome hearing about your experiences. What Connection data does your company analyze? What programs have you put in place to build colleague connections within your social network? Do you have a story about the business value achieved due to a social network connection between colleagues?


Please contact us or check out our website to learn more about the Engagement Scorecard.  Better yet, check out the presentation by Kelly Gault and Oliver Ziegler at 4:45pm on Tuesday, May 13 at the Collective titled “Which Comes First? Metrics or Experience?”  At Collective you can also participate in a Q&A session with Kelly on how to use the scorecard to influence engagement on Wednesday, May 14 at 3:30pm in the Experience Lounge.


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