Unlocking the Power of Connected People

At Sitrion our mission is to “Unlock the Power of Connected People”.  What does that mean? How can you achieve that?


At our Amsterdam chapter of the Collective2014 we tried to answer this question. Let me take you, in reverse, from the end to the beginning of this event to illustrate how we realized this mission.


Sitrion is a technology company that delivers software that helps people to communicate better and innovate faster, our software even makes it simpler to deal with company processes. And we can do all of that on any device, and with a mobile first approach. We always develop our software in a collaborative way with our customers and partners. At our event, Brian Kellner, and Markus Dopp explained all of this.


According to Paul Iske, Professor Open Innovation and Business Venturing at Maastricht University, using new technology doesn’t really matter if you implement it in old organizations. The result is merely a more expensive old organization. Believe me, we see these types of organizations all the time. But organizations can change.


And in order to really change and innovate, "You need to look for alternatives to do things, not try to be better at the same things," according to Paul Hughes, of Ten Meters of Thinking. You also have to understand that the foundation of how people can only create when there is trust.


Ton Winkelman, co-founder of the leading communication agency WvH, explains that trust can be created with transparent and truthful communication. Loading powerful messages using the right words results in people understanding, inspiring and engaging. In order to get to the essence of the message you need to take time to find and realize different people need different messages.


Perhaps we should change they way we look at profiles according to Graeme Mackay – Head of Knowledge Management at Fujitsu UK & Ireland. We should start taking personality types, like the Myers-Briggs Type indicators. That way it may be super easy to engage with people, because we talk in their tone of voice and achieve better dialogues.

Invite people to communicate and ask question, as our MC and professional networker Charles Ruffolo (shown above) demonstrated. Everyone has questions or remarks, and some people need a little push in the back to step up and talk.


Finally we need to understand that a social and engaged organization does not mean an organization without hierarchy. During our social cooking experience at the Kookfabriek we found that everyone happily participated in creating a three-course meal. Even the people that were self-proclaimed non-cooks were participating. The result was a fantastic dinner everyone enjoyed!


That is how we can “Make Work Better” as Daniel Kraft mentioned in his kick-off of the Collective 2014 in Amsterdam. Be smart, be engaged, be connected, and be productive. There’s still a lot to gain in human productivity. The engaged organization is the key to success, and Sitrion's products can help!


Be brave! If you fail, regroup and try it again! There’s no way back.


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