Using Mobile Devices for Internal Communications

Diversity is an incredible asset to any organization. Bringing together different cultures, experiences, points of view, and approaches to solving problems is not without its challenges – but studies have shown this diversity drives innovation, captures new markets, and grows revenue. While diversity can be based on inherited traits such as gender and nationality it can also come in the form of business locations that are far apart around the world, employees with different workstation situations (desk worker vs. manufacturing line worker) and some people who are permanently mobile.


The biggest challenge for internal communications these days is how to guide a diverse workforce to align behind the company’s shared mission and goals. Oh and everyone is stressed out, has too much email, and does not want to listen to anything that isn't directly connected to his or her job. How does one succeed in that environment?


If you look across all of the diverse people in your organization, you'll find that most (if not all) of them have a mobile phone. Chances are that the phone belongs to the employee and they don't want to put a lot of apps on it unless they are extremely relevant and helpful. That's where Sitrion ONE really shines. Sitting within the same app where employees can request vacation time, review customer orders, enter a timecard, or a vast number of other business use cases I can deliver targeted messaging to employees.


I'm on the go too, so as my team needs to put together a comm for our workforce these get routed to me in Sitrion ONE and I'll approve it in a mobile moment… maybe I'm waiting at the elevator or stuck in the doctor's office because he's behind schedule. Now I'm the one who's getting more work done with my precious time.


Our people love it because CEO messages are no longer one-way; they can comment and he can respond. Employee satisfaction with bad news is far better if there's an opportunity to have a dialogue to understand how we will correct a problem and move forward. Of course it's far better when we can celebrate good news like a big customer win, and everyone finds out about it right away on their mobile device.


When people have a question, an employee on-the-go often has to defer getting an answer until they can have a meeting with their manager or if/when they can get access to the company Intranet. With Sitrion ONE, you can post your question and immediately get feedback from across the company or from a specific team that cares for that information.


My favorite part of Sitrion ONE is the idea campaigns and polls. I like to use these to keep all of our employees engaged with how we shape our business. Too often the further away from HQ you are means you have less of a voice and with the ability to bridge that distance by giving all our people input, gives everyone skin in the game and a tighter connection to our shared company culture.


Sitrion ONE helps take my diverse company of people and bring us all together in a real-time collaborative way to make work better. 

Ken Clements, VP, Marketing

Ken leads our efforts to bring the Sitrion story to the world. He spent the better part of the past ten years working for business partners Avanade and Microsoft. With his own passion for technology and how the right tools can make your life easier, Ken is forever looking for the customer win -- not just making the sale, but also how the customer wins with an amazing outcome from using our software. He also walks the talk, using mobile and social to stay engaged as a remote employee at home in Seattle, Washington.


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