Vision in action: NewsGator acquires Sitrion

You may have seen that we announced the acquisition of Sitrion, an amazing company that makes you love processes. I mean literally love them. Don’t believe me? Call me and I’ll give you a demo (yes, I can demo) and you’ll never look at SAP processes the same way. Sometimes I find myself looking at the iPad app just because it is such a great experience. And that is just one of many stunning ways to experience your business: mobile, cloud, SharePoint – you name it.

Work Simplified

While we all know that we need rules (processes) to make our company work, we sometimes feel all we do is following those rules … travel requests, vacation requests, policy here and policy there … puh. The one thing Markus, the founder of Sitrion and a good friend, always reminds me of, is that we need to simplify work. Every click is a waste of time and holds you back from doing your actual job. Looking at the Sitrion capabilities to make every SAP process pure joy to work with is a testament of him executing beautifully on his own advice.

We make work better

Welcoming the Sitrion rock star team to NewsGator is not just an acquisition. It is the delivery of a promise we gave you with our strategic vision: We make work better! In countless customer meetings it became very clear that social business without business process integration would never live up to the expectations. Our Internal Communications Solution helps you to elevate your communication to a social level. Our Innovation solution embeds the entire innovation cycle in your social framework. And now, thanks to Sitrion, we even add the whole SAP business world to the social business foundation.

Social approval - already approved

I am so thrilled to welcome the Sitrion team to the NewsGator family. But this is not the first time we met. We actually became friends some time back and worked on the integration of our products. This work lead to some truly amazing results. Today you can bring every SAP approval event to your social business platform. Discussing the latest budget in the stream, approving the crucial new hire on any mobile device or signing off on the latest vacation requests … it's all now as easy as hitting the “Like” button. I told you, business processes will never be the same.

Vision in action

When we shared our vision with you we got so much positive feedback. Some of you were excited that we were so open and transparent. Even more of you loved the fact that we’re putting social so clear in the context of work. But that is just the beginning! Our Solutions, our Adoption Framework and now social business processes, we’re executing on that vision step by step every day. Today is an amazing day for every Sitrion and NewsGator customer, partner and employee. Let’s celebrate us today! And tomorrow we’re back at work to deliver on that vision we love so much!


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