Weekly Enterprise Mobility Wrap-up: Aug 1-5

New MobileIron report details most common mobile threats

How can a mobile app improve your business? For one thing, employees are able to better communicate via mobile devices. MobileIron releases a report this week detailing top mobile security threats and what companies are doing about them. Also, a new version of AirWatch for smaller companies is now available.

How an Enterprise App Can Benefit Your Business
How can a mobile app improve your business? For one thing, employees are able to better communicate via mobile devices. They can also complete tasks and solve problems quicker if they have immediate access to business data. These factors can help increase employee productivity.

New MobileIron report details most common mobile threats and blacklisted apps
Of some of the major threats to enterprise mobility, not having the latest OS versions on devices is one of the top security concerns. Organizations must also be diligent in ensuring that jailbroken or compromised devices are not able to access company data. As part of the report published by MobileIron, it’s also revealed that there are a number of apps that while they may be useful to workers in their day-to-day operations, some of them could be considered insecure enough to warrant blacklisting.

VMware Launches AirWatch Express to Speed Up and Simplify Mobile Device Management
For small and medium sized companies, implementing a full blown enterprise management system can seem daunting. In response to this, AirWatch Express has been introduced to provide device and app management solutions at a smaller scale, and with greater ease of setting things up.

Mobile security systems: Most have them; some sort of do
Most organizations have implemented some level of security around mobile devices and applications. These vary from an all-in approach, where things are managed and secured at the device level, to the most basic form of security where email and contacts are managed through Exchange ActiveSync.

The Future of Mobile Security
As enterprises embrace mobile, they must also consider what security features they must implement to streamline the mobile experience. Supporting things like multi-factor authentication and single sign on are essential tools to both keeping data secure and also providing a satisfactory experience to end users.

Jenny Blumberg, Mobile Solutions Manager

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