Weekly Enterprise Mobility Wrap-up: Dec 14-18

EnterpriseMobile: The Modern Mobile Workforce

How can a company best maintain a workforce that is mostly interested in working from mobile devices? Also, Apple shows growth in the enterprise (with a little help from IBM), and Microsoft hits another snag on their journey to capture interest in the Windows Phone.

The Modern Mobile Workforce: How to Retain Top Talent
If you’ve implemented a sound mobile strategy, at some level there will be cross departmental influence on the part of your employees. It’s helpful then to understand what employees want in order to best perform their job functions on mobile, while at the same time helping management feel secure. The draw to a lot of employees is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy, plus a great user experience from their enterprise mobile apps. To appease management, keeping track of corporate data through an MDM or MAM system is a good solution.

Almost three-quarters of enterprise app deployments are iOS, report finds
If you look at the numbers for sales of particular devices worldwide, Android is the clear winner. However, if you take a look at what devices dominate in the enterprise mobile app market, Apple comes out on top. As for industries that are commonly seen as being the most mobile adoptive, the technology sector is number one, followed by IT services and consulting and finally by the public sector.

Microsoft pulls Windows 10 Mobile update after users hit snags
Despite Microsoft’s best efforts to appeal to mobile users with their Windows Phone offering, they have hit a recent snag that may send users and developers running. While attempting to update devices to their new Windows 10 operating system, people are finding a number of problems that make the transition difficult.

Apple and IBM partnership yields 100 iOS enterprise apps
As 2015 comes to a close, IBM and Apple have managed to hit a milestone with their year-and-a-half old partnership by releasing 100 enterprise apps. These enterprise apps are targeted at a number of industries, including travel, finance, and health care. While they won’t yet share the adoption number publicly, they do have a number of companies that have signed up for rollouts of the apps.

Jenny Blumberg, Mobile Solutions Manager

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