Weekly Enterprise Mobility Wrap-Up: Jan 12 – 16

Welcome to my weekly mobile round-up! Let’s dive in.

► How mobile is enabling tech to outgrow the tech industry
This session took place last year, but I think it’s important to include as part of continuing mobility news because of the interesting stats presented. As Benedict Evans points out, mobile isn’t just taking over the tech industry, it’s shaping it. “When tech is fully adopted, it disappears.” Excellent speech. Take the 13 minutes to watch the whole thing. It’s worth it.

► Mobile technology has created 11 million jobs and $3.3 trillion in revenues
As mobile proliferates every facet of our day, this in turn is creating jobs for people. This article looks at just how much of an impact mobile is having on jobs, plus the value derived by the consumer. There are still situations though where companies aren’t able to get a foothold. Intel is losing money on phones and tablets as they fight an uphill battle against Google and Apple.

► Samsung in talks to buy BlackBerry
BlackBerry was in the news this week as rumors surfaced that Samsung was sniffing around to buy them, but these claims were quickly denied. The news, or lack thereof, turned out to be detrimental to BlackBerry as their stock share prices fell.
► ManageEngine, Samsung team up on enterprise mobility management
Samsung also had an announcement that they and ManageEngine are throwing their hats into the already bustling EMM ring. This effort builds on Samsung Knox, their secure mobile platform that came out last year.

The Blur Between Your Work and Your Personal Life

As mobile and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution grows, oftentimes you’ll see where the lines between work and your personal life can blur. Case in point, Facebook at Work is now available to create social connections in large companies. There’s no shortage of team collaboration tools available already, and with Facebook’s lackadaisical approach to privacy we’ll see if this gains popularity in the workplace.

As work and personal lives collide, so too are there a number of differences in the mobile marketplace for worker vs. consumer. This piece examines research published by the GlobalWebIndex. A few things stood out to me:

  • The number of smartphone ownership and wearables: no surprises there. But this piece is interesting for a couple reasons. For one, some of the points they make don't really apply to the enterprise. To say that Android is dominating the smartphone market may be true for consumers, but iOS is king when it comes to corporate.
  • The whole concept of platform wars and who wins shouldn’t matter. Android isn't pushing Apple out of the market: Android has more consistent sales over time whereas Apple sees growth when they introduce new models. People hold off on buying Apple phones when they know a new one is on the horizon.
  • The piece also mentions an up-tick in VPN, whereas companies are moving away from standard, device-based VPN to either per-app VPN or of course MDM tunneling. VPN is almost a curse word for enterprise app usability.
A lot of hardware announcements also came out this week...

Big changes are happening with Google Glass, as Google pulls their oft-maligned gadget from public availability in order to shake up the direction the project is going.

Google also announced Project Ara, their “Lego-like” modular phone (I’m listening!). Basically all the components of a mobile phone can be snapped together and swapped out on a frame.
Samsung also announced their Galaxy A7 in a race to the thinnish line.

And looking ahead...

  • The HTC flagship phone is set to have a release in March
  • Microsoft will likely make announcements around Windows 10 that will include mobile capabilities.

Jenny Blumberg, Mobile Solutions Manager

In Jenny's years at Sitrion she has supported many products including Glassboard, widgets, various RSS readers, and the Sitrion Social mobile apps. When she’s not conquering enterprise mobile challenges, she’s snowboarding, cooking, or camping in beautiful Colorado.


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