Weekly Enterprise Mobility Wrap-Up: Jan 5 – 9

As you might have seen last week, Sitrion is going all-in on enterprise mobile. We’re thrilled to watch the meteoric growth in the market for enterprise mobile solutions. With that, let’s have a look at what went on the week of January 5th in the world of enterprise mobility:

► AT&T presents a new data plan manager for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
As BYOD spreads across organizations, the management of these devices becomes even more important. Keeping employee and company billing separate has been a challenge (who wants to fill out lengthy expense reports??) and AT&T aims to simplify this process. They are partnering with the top EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) platforms – MobileIron, AirWatch, and Good Technology in order to remove this headache.

► BYOA?? That’s right, a new acronym is entering the enterprise mobile space: Bring Your Own Application
This piece from Computer Weekly anticipates that 2015 will be all about mobile applications dominating the enterprise mobile space. It’s a trend that shows organizations will be investing more in application development – a sign that people need mobile apps that are tailored to their unique business needs.

► Who’s winning on the platform side, Apple or Android? Depends who you ask:

iOS outshines Android among corporate crowd, says survey
How Android beat iOS in 2014 & vice versa

Whether Android is beating Apple in the tablet market (it is), or iOS is the choice for employees with a BYOD option (indeed!), it doesn’t really matter. If anything, the winners here are the people who are able to work effectively on their personal mobile device of their choosing. That’s the beauty of the BYOD movement.

Notice there’s no mention anywhere of Windows Phone. What happened there? Well, it turns out that Windows Phone popularity saw a down-turn in 2014. It remains to be seen if Microsoft can get a foothold in the mobile marketplace any time soon.

► Security of mobile devices presents challenges to enterprises
No surprise here: people want to be able to access data from their phones and tablets from anywhere. In order to keep security policies consistent across all devices (including the desktop), companies must look into unified solutions to protect data. This is where EMM (enterprise mobile management) systems come into play – device management to protect company data on BYOD, and app management to protect company data that is accessed from those devices. 

What mobile news caught your eye this week? Share it with me on Twittter at @jennyblumberg.

Jenny Blumberg, Mobile Solutions Manager

In Jenny's years at Sitrion she has supported many products including Glassboard, widgets, various RSS readers, and the Sitrion Social mobile apps. When she’s not conquering enterprise mobile challenges, she’s snowboarding, cooking, or camping in beautiful Colorado.


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