Weekly Enterprise Mobility Wrap-up: Jan 9-13

Apple's iPhone turns 10

This week the iPhone turned 10 years old, what has the impact on the enterprise been since its introduction? Also, mobile app development will get more sophisticated this year, while companies must never forget to secure their data as part of their mobile initiatives.

Apple's iPhone turns 10: Here's how the device impacted business, work
Apple’s iPhone was first introduced to the world ten years ago. Since then, the device has rocked the consumer market and changed how people communicate and consume. Only more recently has the iPhone made its place in the enterprise. Initially the device was seen as too insecure for IT requirements, but as more people brought smartphones to work that in turn drove demand for support. Now companies are embracing smartphone technology as a means to drive productivity and keep employees happy.

Mobile app development gets smarter in 2017
In the beginning, enterprise mobile apps captured simple processes that replicated consumer-facing experiences from desktop browsers. Over time, apps for business have evolved into sophisticated native apps, not only for the consumer but also internal to a company for the employees as well. As the enterprise app market grows, so too then does the methods around development become more advanced. Rapid mobile app development platforms are gaining traction, and the integration of AI is becoming more of a reality.

Mobile data leaks – the hidden dangers to organizations
For companies that opt to provide devices to employees for work, inevitably there are some ways the devices may be put to use that aren’t truly sanctioned by the company. Personal use of company devices, for activities like shopping, consuming media, and social networking, can put the phone at risk for leaking company data. Organizations should be mindful of this, and exercise measures to prevent data loss by enforcing strong usernames and passwords and keeping an eye on usage metrics.

5 ways real-time mobile apps delight customers and streamline manufacturing
For manufacturing companies, providing real-time support and accurate quotes to customers is paramount to success. By way of mobile apps, this has become not just a reality for many companies but also is essential to staying competitive. CEOs in this sector, for the most part, recognize this and so in turn are making investments into mobile technologies.

Jenny Blumberg, Mobile Solutions Manager

In Jenny's years at Sitrion she has supported many products including Glassboard, widgets, various RSS readers, and the Sitrion Social mobile apps. When she’s not conquering enterprise mobile challenges, she’s snowboarding, cooking, or camping in beautiful Colorado.


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