Weekly Enterprise Mobility Wrap-Up: Sept 14-18

CIO.com - Why Apple and Microsoft are suddenly playing nice

Could iOS 9 be Apple’s greatest gift to enterprise IT?
Although Apple’s move into the enterprise has been made apparent recently, with the introduction of an iPad targeted towards business use. The reality is Apple has been quietly planning this for some time. Being a top consumer device manufacturer put them in a good place for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement, and the last couple of updates to iOS have continually added security and governance features that will appeal to IT. 

Why Apple and Microsoft are suddenly playing nice
Apple and Microsoft haven’t always played nice through their long, competitive histories, but lately both companies are coming to the realization that there is a place for both of them in the enterprise. At their recent event, Apple showed off how Office 365 works on the new iPad Pro for business, an apparent move to bolster goodwill between the companies. Microsoft too recognizes that in many ways it is better to work together to get their respective hardware and software solutions working, much to the benefit of the workers who use them.

Stop abusing the term enterprise mobility
Enterprise mobility does not simply mean the ability to work outside of the four walls of an office, connecting either your laptop or mobile device to the company network. It’s much more than that. The impact of enterprise mobility is huge. It can mean enormous strides in productivity if you go about implementing it correctly.

Enterprise software policies fall short on apps – Survey
Widespread software policies that normally govern what workers interact with on desktops and laptops don’t necessarily translate to mobile apps in an effective manner. Users on mobile must be provided with pre-approved apps in order to avoid issues with data security. Often amendments to policies must be made or IT must proactively select mobile software.

Facebook getting down to business in the enterprise
Facebook will soon offer a version of their popular social network that will be targeted to the enterprise. Facebook at Work will look and feel and behave like regular Facebook, and the good news is that whatever you share in one app won’t appear in the other.

Jenny Blumberg, Mobile Solutions Manager

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