What path are you on?

I think most people have to spend most of their time working in the here and now.  That’s true for me too.  Every day brings a different set of meetings, calls, and collaboration.  The only truly constant theme is that almost all of it needs to get done right now.  Every now and then though, I get to step back, take stock and look ahead.  My presentation at our North American Collective event next week is one of those opportunities.


Some people might think of it as a challenge to follow a keynote from an engaging speaker like our CEO, Daniel  Kraft – especially when you consider that he will have a great panel participating during that session.  But I think of it as getting to step in front of an engaged and warmed up audience.  And I get to talk about my favorite thing – our products and how we give our customers service and support to be successful with those products.


What’s really fun about this year is that I get talk about the different paths to get to the future of work.  Our customers are all traveling along a path toward this future.  Some of them currently focus mostly on social.  Some of them are deeply invested in mobile enablement of their workforce.  And yet other customers have started the journey by focusing on making business processes easier.  At Sitrion, we see all these paths converging where we can really start to make work better.  We see how customers could engage the power of social network from within an HR service center and bring all of those HR approvals together on a mobile device.  We see how a field service employee could send a picture of an issue from a mobile phone and have experts collaborate around it in a social stream.  We see how a user could view an update from an ERP system and easily share it out to a partner. 

So we picture our customers traveling down a road like the one pictured.  For them, the journey is often mostly about one thing.


But just up ahead, this road joins in with two other roads to become a highway of better work.  We’re combining a lot of powerful capabilities from social, process and mobile to create that highway – to make work better.  For those who get to see my presentation, we’ll dive into more depth on each of these paths and how they are coming together.

I actually get to hop up on stage twice more at the Collective.  I will be talking about the “cloud” and covering what we see customers doing and how we fit in.  And on the last day, we’ll get back to talking about the future because I’ll be getting everyone involved in our next release.  Since the earliest Collective events, we’ve taken advantage of the opportunity for people to give us input on what they want most in the next release.  The cool thing is that we’ve gone from using pennies in plastic cups for voting to using our own software running on our customer portal.


The Collective is almost upon us.  I think there’s still a chance to sign up and show up next week – but that won’t be true much longer.  It’s exciting to get a chance to catch up with customers and partners and collaborate on our vision of the road ahead.  And it’s always fun to be able to paint a picture of how a customer’s journey can take them to destinations far beyond what they originally planned.  But for the moment, I need to stop wandering and get back to the here and now and finish my slides!  See you in Orlando!


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