“What’s in it for me?”

Employee app access on the go

Have you ever been asked this question? Say it aloud, and it can sound self serving. In reality, it is natural to ask this question and you probably unconsciously ask it all the time. Too many things are fighting for your attention at any given moment, so you ask this question to filter the noise.
Smart communicators work hard to break through the clutter. They actively think about how to make their messages relevant, targeted, and shared with the right technology. They can personalize, but is that enough? Your reach and engagement metrics might be telling you that it is not.

Empower employees with the right platform

We work with many companies to help them with mobile communications. Sitrion ONE can deliver targeted communications that can be interactive, including anything from sharing great visuals and embedded videos to giving employees the ability to respond with words or simple buttons. Imagine sending out your next emergency office closure alert (e.g. if there is a storm threatening your HQ city) with the question “Are you okay?” to which the employee can respond by tapping the Yes or No button.

Driving adoption

For some customers, all they want is a communications app, and if that is all they want, then that is all we will deliver. However, our big success stories come from customers who collaborate with HR and other departments to make Sitrion ONE their employee app—adding capabilities that employees want in the same app where important messages are sent and received. This drives adoption.

"I LOVE that we can send out reminders of all of our upcoming HealthSouth Employee Activity Team events at our local facility!" —HealthSouth employee

For example, our customer HealthSouth now has made ONE available to all 28,000 employees who want communications about the specific hospital they work in, as well as key company information. Employees are thrilled with the ability to see their current PTO balance or to have quick access to benefits from the same app. The “what’s in it for me” question is covered, and HealthSouth’s communications department gets better reach and higher engagement.

"My favorite feature is the easy access to my benefits
because it only takes a minute to pull it up." HealthSouth employee

Relevancy, targeting, and personalization are still critical to the communications function. When you make an employee app an indispensable tool for getting work done, your messages become indispensable, too.

Ronnie Gilbertson, Vice President of Customer Success

Ronnie is Vice President of Customer Success at Sitrion. He has over 12 years of experience in shaping Sitrion’s customer facing teams and supporting their top clients. He is avid about achieving customer satisfaction through building lasting valued relationships and delivering solutions to accomplish customers’ goals.


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