When It Comes to Employee Adoption of Mobile, Less is More – Part Two

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In my last post, the cards were dealt in a challenging, theoretical game of enterprise mobility. You, the player, were back-peddling from a shockingly lackluster reception to what you thought was an amazing move: a tour de force of perfect mobile applications, for your entire workforce to address all manner of tasks.

How do you respond?

You counter with a logical parry, capture feedback from your users and you task your savvy “digital experience experts” to rebrand all of your 500 mobile apps with a common look and feel - a singular design language that would make Steve Jobs and the Apple fanboys proud. You have accomplished near pixel perfect replicas across all devices and platforms. You step back, proud of your engineering marvel, and count your blessings that you don’t have to foot the jaw dropping bill, in real life (remember your friendly CFO?). As your piece de resistance, you grin as you deploy teams of change agents globally to ensure, this time, a seamless roll out with concierge quality “pop-up bars” stationed at the entrance to every office, staffed by trendy millennials ready to help any employee with any concerns about the new era of apps. It’s a Genius Bar at every office. “What could stop me now?” says the smug look on your face as you end your barrage.

Never one to stop providing an entertaining challenge, your end users are here to put up a good fight. Your response time was impressive, and the design changes definitely increased adoption two-fold. A commendable effort that is case study worthy. But from your most avid mobile users: your front line staff, your managers, your sales people, your executive leadership… from them the unimaginable feedback pours in during a steering committee. Unanimously. 

Too many apps...

“But, we have too many apps…” your peers blurt out sheepishly. “We spend all of our time switching between apps and trying to figure out what’s relevant, right now, so I can get back to work.”

Your mouth agape, your A-team quickly averts their eyes to your clear disdain to the incredulous feedback just delivered. 

“But you asked for all of these apps. I have the proof - we have the ideas tracked in our innovation portal. You wanted everything you do today, packaged up into tidy, matching mobile apps! And I delivered them to you!” You storm out of the board room to regain your composure.

Sadly, this isn’t a game.

Remember those uber-mobile Fortune 500 companies I chatted with? They received the same feedback, in actual real-life discussions. Not such an easy game to please your employees after all, is it?

The good news is that you are not at a stalemate; you still have a move you can play. But you have to challenge the status quo, and embrace the unconventional wisdom that “less is more.” I have seen these creative and bright-minded mobile thought leaders begin to address this challenge by custom building costly “aggregator apps” that combine alerts and tasks from multiple underlying business systems. The logic is sound, and it’s a good start. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when aiming to squeeze out the most productivity while you only have a brief moment to spend on your mobile device. 

True, your employees may have said they wanted mobile apps for everything they do, but if you spoke “user talk,” you would have translated that into “we just want to be able to do our jobs, without systems and tools getting in our way.”

What if...?

So instead of you thumbing furiously between a plethora of “pretty” new mobile apps, hunting for data from multiple systems… what if that information just flowed to you, right when you needed it to get your job done? What if you never had to search for data, content, records, and insights ever again? Now, wouldn’t that truly be a new way to work?

At Sitrion we think it is, and that’s why we’re all excited about what Sitrion ONE can deliver for personal productivity. Building mobile business solutions in record time is an impressive capability, but in order to win the productivity game, less is more. 

Your move.

Cuneyt Uysal, Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Cuneyt is charged with accelerating Sitrion's global footprint by helping our clients realize business results with our next-generation enterprise social and mobile solutions.


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