Who wants to be the bottleneck?

We are living in exponential times. Everything is becoming faster, smarter, and more efficient. My smartphone gets more done than IBM’s Watson a few years ago. I’m in touch with more people every day who share the same passion for technology, and my productivity has thrived because I have so many digital devices, apps, and platforms at my fingertips in my business and personal life. However, I have a lot of friends who have mastered complex projects or get a lot of things done quickly in their personal lives, but their business life is completely the opposite.
With a smartphone and a little bit of effort, you are able to be on top of everything you really care about such as sports, stocks, friends around the world, lots of information, etc. At work, however, most people suffer from not being part of important things, getting simple things done takes up too much time, and finding the right expertise when you need it is always a hassle. It’s hard to be a facilitator in your personal life, but often a bottleneck in your business life. How come?

There Has to be a Better Way

Here is an example from a recent workshop we did with one of our clients. At that organization, managers have to approve dozens of workflows during a day. While they have a sophisticated application in place, managers get an email for each approval. The email informs them that a new approval is waiting. No link, no hint, no nothing, just a notification. The manager has to open a browser, find the link to the portal, navigate to the tasks section (sometimes to multiple task sections in different systems), find the approval, find the right context to make a decision, and then make the decision. To approve a simple task like a vacation request, it takes several minutes to complete.
That’s why most managers don’t like to do approvals or just do it when they are in the mood or in the office. This slows down processes and impacts a lot of people in the organization. Pending approvals can cause major efficiency slowdowns, for example in vacation planning season. Entire departments are slowed down because of too many pending approvals. What a bottleneck.

At Sitrion have worked hard over the last decade to come up with some solutions to bring processes to people and not the other way round. Over the last years, we have helped our clients send approvals with context via email, to get approvals in their social networking activity stream, to get all approvals into compelling manager and employee self-services portals, to get approvals into any place in your on-premise or cloud-based Intranet, and even to get approvals into any web-based application with our compelling Lookout360 bar.

No More Excuses

There is no excuse any more to be a bottleneck because everywhere you work you can now approve all of your tasks. Our customers replied that this is great for 30% of their staff with access to PCs, but what about a team-leading nurse or a shift lead or other managers who have no or limited access to leverage digital approvals?
Our vision is to ‘make work better’ for every employee, so we found a solution – get everything on personal devices like smartphones or tablets. With that you not only make your 30% PC workers more productive, but almost all of the remaining 70% of your employees too. Sitrion ONE, our enterprise mobile productivity solution, has a very smart architecture across the entire mobile value chain from app development to backend integration to secure distribution. This helps you to start with mobile first, deliver great value quickly, and add more mobile use cases over time.
No matter how and where your people work – Intranet, corporate social network, any web application, or their mobile device of choice – now there is really no excuse any more to be a bottleneck. 

Markus von Aschoff, VP, Portfolio Management

As the Vice President of Portfolio Management, Markus is responsible for the strategic product portfolio and product & solutions lifecycle. His tasks range from market research, customer and partner interviews to conceptualizing, evangelizing and productizing new solutions for the Sitrion product portfolio. He works closely with R&D, marketing, sales, and professional services to find the next big thing for Sitrion and to get it into the market ahead of the competition. Prior to Sitrion he co-founded a strategy consulting company, helped entrepreneurs to quadruple their business, and started two martial arts schools having trained more than 500 martial arts students.


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