Why do cars have a fuel gauge?

Recently I visited the DDR Museum in Berlin . It is a great place to experience hands on, how life was in the German Democratic Republic. One of the main attractions for my boys was to virtually drive a Trabant. One of the guides explained, despite all raw material shortages the goal was to engineer an efficient car. As a result, the Trabant ended up with no fuel gauge. Because of this, the driver had to stop to check the fuel or trust his gut feeling.
While you could argue we are living in different times and this will not happen today, a few days back I heard a similar story from a global brand.
This global brand tries to find and keep the best talent. In order to do so, they spend a fortune on recruiting efforts and employer branding. These efforts are very successful. However, once a new employee starts his first day, he gets a paper checklist, which guides him through almost a dozen different systems and forces him to use an internet browser to add his personal HR data.

This tedious scenario is more common than I thought. Relating back to the Trabant, one of the many reasons to remove a fuel guage from the driving cockpit is to make it more efficient from an engineer's point of view. Users will get used to guessing or looking up the fuel status, won’t they?
Fortunately the car industry has changed a lot and nowadays billions of dollars go into market research and user testing. And each car maker gives the driving experience its own flavor.

So if unifying multiple technologies and applications into one experience is key to success, when will we see it in the digital workplace? What are the benefits of an unified Workplace and how do I do it with Microsoft and SAP?
This was one of the key questions of the SAP Insider Q&A we did recently. If you want to learn more, including how to unify the experience, I highly recommend you watch one of our recorded product demonstrations or contact us to gain more insights.

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Markus von Aschoff, VP, Portfolio Management

Markus has a passion for building the bridges between technology & strategy. He directs all efforts around our Sitrion Smart Routines solution and works in our German office.

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