Why your ’employee mobile app’ might fail – Part 1

Sitrion ONE: A single employee app for delivering communications

It takes more than a consumer-friendly user interface and “social” interactivity to hold the attention of your staff and create enduring engagement. Find out how to guarantee, not just hope for, engagement.

Over the past decade, I’ve talked with countless internal communicators struggling with reaching all of their staff, non-desk or otherwise. But even for those brave souls, who have jumped through the technology hurdles and launched systems, have learned too quickly that the existence of new, shiny tools alone do not guarantee their voice is heard. Rather, this is just the beginning of the “user adoption journey” that so many change-management practitioners are all too well-versed in. 

Don’t ignore these golden rules

But there are proven, time-tested methods to solving “the adoption dilemma” regardless of the technology. These are my two favorite golden rules of adoption:

  1. Go where your audience is today.
  2. Make your offering irresistible. 
Rule #1: Go where your audience is today

A real-life example: In speaking with an international bank’s communication leadership, they saw tremendous value in having have their messages appear in highly visible tools already used by their employees. “I asked my IT team if we could post messages alongside highly trafficked tools, such as our payroll system, but we don’t have control over that 3rd party vendor’s website. And our staff is asking HR if they can get their tasks, processes, and payroll on their personal mobile device. Why is it so hard to get this in one place when my kids can log into a mobile app for their lessons and communicate with their teachers?”

The ever-widening disparity of technical capabilities between our personal and professional lives is creating tremendous pressure on leadership of all modern employers, because it’s seen as management being “tuned out” to the reality of our daily lives.

Our solution to their need

So what did we propose? In this case for the bank, we could configure a single employee mobile app to distribute CEO messages and blog posts from their SharePoint intranet and targeted communications. In addition, we could mobilize a mandatory process that is so irresistible and in demand, that staff will want to use the mobile app. Converting on pent up-demand is often overlooked potential for capitalizing on a new initiative. Thankfully, advancements in mobile technology have made this easier than ever.

Stay tuned for Part 2

Check back for part two of this post to read about Golden rule #2: Make your offering irresistible.

Cuneyt Uysal, Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Cuneyt is charged with accelerating Sitrion's global footprint by helping our clients realize business results with our next-generation enterprise social and mobile solutions.


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