Work simplified in 30 days

When we announced the acquisition last month, we knew it was going to be a fun ride but man, these past four plus weeks have been a blast. I am not going to give you a polished pitch today but if you’d like to learn more about how things are going with us, keep reading.

Phase One: Access & eNGage

Every acquisition comes with the need to communicate and as a Social Business we pride ourselves with 100% adoption of Social Sites. With about 30% more people on board, that adoption number dropped immediately because they did not have access to our system. Thanks to our amazing team, who I should say thanks to more often, we managed to add an entire company onto Social Sites, including secure access in just 10 days. And if it wasn't for the Fort-Knox-level of security on the Sitrion side, we might have been able to make this happen in 5!

The next step was to get everybody on eNGage, our customer and partner extranet. The entire team (including Sitrion) already has access and we’re working on adding the Sitrion customers over the next few days. We are also adding more resources to customer care in general - which includes support, education and our wonderful eNGage extranet.

Phase Two: One Team

Not everybody likes change and an acquisition is a big change. So we gave ourselves 30 days to form the two companies into one team. While we still have lots of team building to do, I am really excited that we managed to get the entire organization restructured, new roles assigned, some roles replaced and a complete updated structure in place in under 3 weeks. If you ever doubt the value of HR, don’t. If not for our Chief People Officer and our wonderful HR team, we’d have been in serious trouble trying to make this happen so quickly.

With the new structure in place, we’re now much stronger in key aspects like customer care, regional leadership and innovation. You may also have noticed that Markus Dopp has been added to the executive team, and he’ll take the lead on the Sitrion product line and be the leading evangelist of all of our products in Europe.

Phase Three: One Vision

Now that we have the foundation to work together both on the social platform as well as the org structure we’re taking on the biggest project of all - the joint vision. While we already agree on many things we are now working on the development, the articulation, and the implementation of our updated vision.

The good thing is, our approach to work is not that much different. The tagline “Work Simplified” and our vision “We Make Work Better” are an expression of that agreement. And seeing what the team is already achieving that early in the relationship makes me not just proud but also very optimistic that this is going to be fun ride for us, while also adding a ton of value to our customers. Just reach out and I’ll give you an update at any time.

Let’s talk Collective

In addition to that we’re starting to prepare for Collective 2014. While we like to keep the conversations going year round, every year we bring all our rock star clients, partners and our employees together to learn from each other and to share our collective experiences – thus we call this the Collective! The Global series of customer events will take place in May and include Orlando, Europe, and Australia. Be part of it!


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