Working Together: Big Improvement Day

We Dutch like to complain! Big time and about everything. We sure have strong opinions, and probably think we know best. We like to complain about political parties, government leaders, and the economy, and we use social media to amplify our voice.

It strikes me every time I look at local news sites like that articles on a politician or government decision get more people interacting than articles about major world events. I’m even more surprised that people love to be negative in their posts without ever proposing a real solution, or even worse, they start blaming everyone else!

The Dutch economic growth is expected to be -1¼% for 2013, and unemployment is rising to 7% this year according to the CPB (Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis), so the country definitely isn’t doing great yet, but the outlook is improving.

So complaining is easy and blaming even easier, but what we really need in this country – and I am going out on a limb here, but probably in every country – are people that want to make a difference by taking responsibilities. People that have the guts to make things better. People who are committed to progress by sharing knowledge and working together to show courage. People who believe in the strength of connections between public and private, young and old, male and female.

At NewsGator we believe this is true for companies as well. Improvements and innovation needs to come from within, from engaged and inspired people. The result is a 20% more productive workforce that is twice as innovative, which can lead to 12% more profit.

Since 2008, a major event takes place every 3rd Tuesday of the year in the Netherlands and is called Big Improvement Day, BID in short. BID aims to reflect on what is going well in the Netherlands and to improve its weaknesses by working together. BID offers a platform for innovative ideas for (future) decision makers. The goal: everyone goes away from this event with one good idea, one good contact, and one good action.

We have proudly associated ourselves with this initiative because not only do we believe in the same initiatives; we have already made this a reality with over 400 customers worldwide.

Making work better starts with only one good decision. You know our answer.


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