25 Effective Ways to Mobilize
Human Resources

As HR leaders look for ways to be more efficient, streamlining their HR services is at the forefront. Because today’s workforce is a mix of office-based and remote workers, HR needs to utilize a more efficient platform that reaches all employees in the organization. Mobile devices are the most efficient and direct way to reach all employees, and HR can leverage mobile and create services that can be accessed by employees through their phones to increase employee productivity.

Send targeted HR communications and tasks via mobile

People today are consistently overloaded with information, and this is especially true in the workplace. Company announcements, HR memos, approvals, confirmations—everything, whether it's pertinent or not, goes to everyone. People stop paying attention. For HR, this means massive effort concerning follow-ups. With mobile, you can better tailor what information gets sent where and how it should be prioritized, and allows you to cut down on the amount of redundant tasks you do every day. 

Mobile drives efficiency,  effectiveness and productivity

Mobilizing HR routines allows you to drive more efficient and effective HR self-services. The following use cases are common HR tasks that could be better accomplished on mobile devices. Read this guide to get some ideas of ways you and your employees can be productive in the moment

Optimize 60-Second Routines with Your Mobile Device

Get essential tasks done on your mobile devices within the time it takes to get from your meeting to the elevator. You’d be surprised how many daily routines you can take care of in 60 seconds.

HR Self-Services on Mobile

Make digital self-services more efficient by optimizing them for mobile devices.

  • HR Notifications
  • Policy Updates and Acceptance
  • Time Off Requests
  • Paystubs
  • Time Recording
  • Personal Data Update
  • Travel Expenses

Simple Approvals on Mobile

Get daily routines done faster.

  • Vacation Request Approval
  • Travel Expense Approval
  • Time Entry Approval
  • Milestone Approval

Mobile Communications

Deliver relevant and timely information to your peers and employees while also creating impactful dialogues.

  • Corporate Information
  • CEO / Executive Communication
  • Regional Information
  • Role-Specific Information
  • Employee Onboarding

Mobile Lookups

Employees can make make informed decisions on their mobile devices with real-time lookups into multiple systems.

  • Expert Finder
  • Paystubs
  • Timecards
  • Collateral
  • Employee or Colleague Lookup

Flexible Workforce

Let your teams leverage their own devices to accelerate routines and exchange information.

  • Travel Expenses 
  • Clock -In / Clock-Out
  • Find an Expert
  • Share Knowledge
  • Get Important Information
  • Access Safety Documents

Reach Deskless Workers via Mobile

If your business employs retail staff, shop floor personnel or other roles that don’t require a laptop or desktop to be issued to the employee, you likely find yourself struggling to make sure they have access to key processes in a timely manner. Do away with slow paper-based recording systems and corporate communications via mail. With smartphone penetration at over 90%, use a secure “bring your own device” (BYOD) approach to implement the use cases that you need to make them as productive as the rest of your workforce.

Millennials Love Mobile Technology

More than 20% of Millennials only use a mobile device to access the internet, and the remaining 80% are more likely to use a mobile device more than a laptop or desktop to get stuff done. The younger portion of your workforce is very comfortable with mobile technology. As this generation increases its footprint in your organization – you will need to be mobile first to attract, retain and get the best results from this generation.

When Mobile Can Change the Game

Pack the Right Tools for the Job

Paper, emails, and massive Intranets deliver limited success when trying to get into the minds of all of your employees. Also consider that just providing mobile access to existing systems does not help your employees get their job done. Instead, receive all pertinent information in one place to get simple tasks done, faster and better. 

A world where where work is brought to you, to make you more productive in the moment.

This is all possible in an all-in-one enterprise mobile solution that comes with existing use cases to help you be productive in the moment. Don't worry about what type of mobile phone you have or how it connects to all of your company’s systems. Sitrion ONE covers iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

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