99+ Productive Moments in ONE Employee Productivity App

There seems to be a mobile app for every little thing. And you can spend a lot of time going in and out of apps trying to get simple tasks done. Your mobile device is supposed to make you be more productive, but increasingly it is simply a different screen that needs as much attention as your desktop.

However, for a few minutes, just imagine a world where instead of going into the myriad of apps on your phone to do work, all of the work you need to do comes to you, when and where you need it. No more going into multiple apps to get work done. Instead, actionable and context relevant insights come to you at the right moment in your day.

Your first thought might be that you have this already, when your phone pings you with a calendar reminder or email/text alert. Sure, this is one way you can be kept informed of actions you need to take, but imagine if an intelligent card showed up on your phone just at the moment when it’s relevant to you, with buttons that let you take care of it right then. Wouldn’t that make your workday more productive?

If you don’t have a wish list of tasks that could be better accomplished on a mobile device, flip through this guide to get some ideas of ways you can be productive in the moment.

Optimize 60-Second Routines with Your Mobile Device

Get stuff done within the time it takes you to get from your meeting to the elevator. You’d be surprised how many daily routines you can take care of in 60 seconds.

Mobile Approvals

Get daily routines done faster.

  • Vacation Request Approval
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Sales Quote Approval
  • Travel Expense Approval
  • Time Entry Approval
  • Milestone Approval
  • Organizational Change Approval

Internal Communications

Provide relevant and timely information while also creating impactful dialogues.

  • Corporate Information

  • HR Information
  • Sales Information
  • CEO / Executive Communication
  • Regional Information
  • Role-Specific Information
  • Onboarding
  • Sustainability

Within 60 seconds you can also get quick updates by glancing at the latest inventory report or the latest sales opportunities. You can also keep your peers and managers aware of your work activity by checking into work situations when prompted.


Mobile Alerts

Make sure that critical alerts get to the right people quickly to solve issues faster.

  • Pipeline Alerts
  • Open Invoice Alerts
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Staffing Alerts
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Milestone Alerts

Mobile Check-Ins

The easiest way to share a quick update and to make processes more efficient.

  • Customer Visits

  • Tour Stops
  • Facility Visits
  • Clock-In / Clock-Out
  • Facility Incidents
  • Panic Button
  • Emergency Situations

Sometimes you need to take a few extra steps to get work done. Perhaps it’s changing the status to an opportunity after a sales meeting check-in or looking up additional information to help you decide if you can approve a request.

Wouldn’t it be great if that information was available in the same screen, without having to go and look for it in another app?

Mobile Entries 

Leverage pictures and other mobile device features to digitize and speed up processes.

  • Vote on Ideas
  • Promote a Sales Win
  • Record Time after Departing a Job Site
  • Photograph Competitive Storefront
  • Point-of-Information Capture
  • Clock-In / Clock-Out

Mobile Lookups

Make informed decisions with quick, real-time lookups into multiple systems.

  • Account Lookup
  • Expert Finder
  • Forecasts
  • Paystubs
  • Timecards
  • Collateral
  • Account Location Tracker
  • Employee or Colleague Lookup

Pack the Right Tools for the Job

Just providing mobile access to existing systems does not help your employees get their job done. Stop switching between multiple apps to gather relevant information.

Instead, receive all pertinent information in one place to get stuff done, faster and better.

Sales Teams

Increase sales productivity and win rates with better-connected sales teams.

  • Forecast Update

  • Account Lookup
  • Pre-Meeting Briefing
  • Sales Collateral Finder
  • Ask an Expert
  • Meeting Notes
  • Travel Approvals
  • Lead Alerts

Field-Based Workforce

Optimize routines for road warriors to get administrative stuff done faster.

  • Clock-In / Clock-Out

  • Account Location Tracker
  • Safety Procedures
  • Travel Expenses
  • Error Submissions
  • Timecard Entry

Paper, emails, and massive Intranets deliver limited success when trying to get into the minds of all of your employees.

On average, only 30-40% of your workforce has access to a PC but 80-90% are using mobile phones and tablets.

Take advantage of this way of communicating!

Internal Communications

Go beyond desk workers and reach the whole organization.

  • Message Targeting

  • Comments 
  • Q&A
  • Idea Campaigns
  • Polls
  • CEO Messages
  • Customer Wins
  • Message Approvals

HR Self-Services

Make digital self-services more efficient by optimizing them for mobile devices.

  • HR Notifications

  • Policy Update and Acceptance
  • Time Off Requests
  • Paystubs
  • Time Recording
  • Personal Data Update
  • Travel Expenses

Utilizing standard consumer devices or even individually-owned devices reduces costs and boosts productivity. People are used to their device of choice, and within just one app, they can get their work done efficiently. 


Empower your workforce to get stuff done faster with standard mobile devices.

  • Checklist

  • Ask a Question
  • Inventory Lookup
  • Inventory Update
  • Assembly Line Alert
  • Incident Report
  • Submit an Improvement / Idea

Flexible Workforce

Let your teams leverage their own mobile devices to accelerate routines and exchange information.

  • Task / Job Briefing

  • Travel Expenses
  • Time Recording
  • Find an Expert
  • Share Knowledge
  • Mark a Task Completed
  • Get Important Information
  • Access Safety Documents

When Mobile Can Change the Game

Blend and Simplify Cumbersome Systems

Why manage approvals in multiple apps? Or why switch apps to look at information to help you do something in a different app?

It makes more sense to aggregate them all into one spot. So instead of distributing vendor apps, boost productivity by solving each use case with context relevant and actionable insights that they can act on immediately.


Avoid Waiting For The Back Office

With company acquisitions, reorganizations and other business changes, IT often struggles with having multiple systems covering the same business functions. It is a typical CIO priority to simplify those backend systems so that the workforce has fewer, more relevant tools to work with.

Why not deliver on the employee front first? The scale of empowering thousands of employees with mobile tools means you drive productivity faster than ever before.

Deskless Workers

If your business employs retail staff, shop floor personnel or other roles that don’t require a laptop or desktop to be issued to the employee, you likely find yourself struggling to make sure they have access to key business processes in a timely manner.

Do away with slow paper-based recording systems; corporate communications via paper mail; and break room posters. With smartphone penetration at over 90%, use a secure “bring you own device” (BYOD) approach to implement the use cases that you need to make them as productive as the rest of your workforce.


Millennials Want to be Mobile

More than 20% of Millennials only use a mobile device to access the internet, and the remaining 80% are more likely to use a mobile device more than a laptop or desktop to get work done.

The younger portion of your workforce is very comfortable with mobile technology. As this generation increases its footprint in your organization – you will need to be mobile first to attract, retain and get the best results from this generation.

So many use cases in one productivity mobile app, where work is brought to you. Be productive in the moment.

The good news is all of this doesn’t have to be a dream. There is an all-in-one enterprise mobile solution that comes with existing use cases to help you be productive in the moment. Don't worry about what type of phone you have or how it connects to all of your company’s systems. Sitrion ONE has it covered.

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