An Employee Productivity Mobile App from Scratch in Just Two Days

Mobile Productivity in 60 Seconds

Utilizing mobile devices boosts employee productivity – there is no doubt about that. With the right mobile approach, your employees can accomplish hundreds of business tasks using a single native app on any device they choose. Sitrion ONE brings relevant, personalized mashups of information to each user using pre-built connectors to enterprise applications including SAP, SharePoint, and Office 365 to accomplish tasks like workflow approvals, meeting prep work, travel expense entries, timecard submissions, and corporate news updates. During moments like going from one meeting to another or riding the elevator, there is a lot your employees can get done in 60 seconds with Sitrion ONE

The Power of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Sitrion ONE delivers hundreds of out of the box mobile use cases by leveraging the power of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). Combining the analytics and integration power of HCP with the end-to-end mobile app capabilities of Sitrion ONE, your organization can deliver mobile scenarios to your employees in days, not months. 

Hundreds of Out-of-the-Box Mobility Use Cases

Sitrion ONE can support many scenarios across the enterprise, for example, a salesperson who is preparing for a sales meeting. Within just two days, you can develop a mobile sales solution from scratch that gives the salesperson a pre-meeting briefi ng, easy lookup of CRM data, post-meeting notes, and tracking of expenses incurred along the way. ONE…and done.


Sitrion ONE – The Smartest Combination of Mobile Backend and Cloud Infrastructure

Sitrion ONE gives you an agile, end-to-end solution to handle all of your enterprise mobility challenges in a fast, secure, and inexpensive way. It connects to your backoffi ce infrastructure; it delivers the right information to the right user; it provides native functionality on the mobile client of your choice; and allows the mobile client to securely connect to your systems to get work done.

Jumpstart Your Mobile Initiative with Pre-Built Use Cases and Connectors

Sitrion ONE delivers a wide selection of configurable use cases out of the box. This allows you to quickly roll out mobile capabilities that are integrated with your back-office architecture through SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP) or our standard connectors to enterprise systems like SAP, SharePoint, Exchange, Office 365, and Salesforce. You can also connect to any other platform via REST API’s.


ONE Native App. Any Device.

Sitrion ONE’s end-to-end mobile approach lets you leverage your existing .NET experts to provide compelling native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone experiences. Even non technical experts can “drag & drop” new mobile use cases in no time, while your IT team confi gures your backend integrations in a few hours by leveraging pre-built standard or custom connectors. It takes just another drag & drop action to distribute any new use case, and with the next refresh, all specified users get the new functionality. 

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