Mobile Moments of Productivity:
Easy Approvals on any Mobile Device

Mobile Moments of Productivity

It seems to be a universal truth that simple day-to-day tasks tend to be overly time consuming – particularly managing approvals. As a manager, you are frustrated with the time it takes to access multiple, complex applications using multiple logins that may or may not have multiple mobile apps that clutter up your mobile device. It seems like a never ending battle. 

This eBook explores ways to reduce the burden of daily, inefficient approval processes in order to make faster, smarter decisions and ultimately increase employee productivity across your organization.


  1. Quick and Smart Decisions anywhere
  2. Work is Brought To You (instead of you accessing multiple mobile apps)
  3. Easy Access to Multiple, Integrated Enterprise Applications
  4. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  5. Secure, Real-Time Collaboration

My day is consumed with constant approval requests. Help!

As a manager, you are inundated with requests on a daily basis… vacation time, expense reports, purchase orders... the list goes on and on. The challenge with these seemingly simple tasks is that each of them reside in separate applications – many of them being complex, time-consuming systems like SAP, Oracle and SharePoint. 

An ideal situation would be to access to all of these systems in one mobile app so a request can be approved and synced with its appropriate application in real-time, using any mobile device.


A Not-So-Good Moment in Time

In your manufacturing plant, a chemical is found to be hazardous to the fabrication of your latest product.

An immediate decision has to be made to purchase a safer chemical in order to resume production, but the purchase approval is held up because the decision maker is out of the office with no access to your Oracle supply chain system.


A Productive Mobile Moment in Time

A hot lead comes through the door, and your rock star sales person needs to travel to their headquarters tomorrow. 

Within minutes of receiving her travel request, you approve it in SAP and quickly check the lead status in Salesforce to learn about the opportunity – all using ONE mobile app on your favorite mobile device. 

Where do I find all of my approvals again? Ugh!

Research shows that enterprises have dozens, if not hundreds, of single-purpose mobile apps for their employees. It can be quite tedious to scroll through and switch between apps on your phone to take care of a few approvals, especially when you have to login to each one. 

An ideal situation would be to make quick approvals in multiple applications like SAP, Oracle, SharePoint, and Salesforce in a single mobile app – on any mobile device you are using.


A Not-So-Good Moment in Time

As a recently promoted manager, you now have to deal with leave requests, timesheet approvals, and travel expenses.

While you expect all of these SAP-based approvals to be located in one spot, you actually have to access several desktop and mobile applications to get it all done - not an efficient process.


A Productive Moment in Time

When getting into your car, you see a time off request on your Android mobile phone from one of your employees. You make it a point not to work while you drive (the safe thing to do!), so you wait to approve his request when you get home on your iPad. In the approval screen, you also add a comment – “Congratulations, and have a great time!”

A Not-So-Good Moment in Time

You are on the road and need to approve a timesheet for one of your contractors who is working on an escalating client issue.

Before you approve her timesheet, you want to check the client’s project status in SharePoint and any open items in Salesforce, but last night all of your mobile apps got updated and are now forcing you enter all of your login credentials again – so much for making a quick decision!


A Productive Mobile Moment in Time

As the CEO, you have been called upon to join an important customer meeting. On your way you prepare yourself by quickly looking up the account in Salesforce to learn more about who you are meeting with, looking up their financial status in Oracle, and checking out their latest support logs in SharePoint – all on your smartphone using ONE mobile app.

Why can I do that in my Android mobile app, but not my iOS mobile app?

As a manager, you might have a Mac at home, a PC at work, an Android mobile phone, and an iPad. It’s great that you can do work on all of them, but it can be daunting to accomplish the same tasks on each device because the menu options are all different – even worse, not every feature is available in every native mobile app. 

An ideal situation is to take the guess work and learning curve out of making approval decisions on the fly by having one user experience for all mobile platforms.


A Not-So-Good Moment in Time

Finally, your company has opened the mobile device policy and allows Android as well as iOS devices. While you are used to a great Android app that allows you to take photos for your travel expense reports, on the iPhone you only have an HTML5 ‘app’ without any picture capabilities. When you talk to IT about the situation, they don’t have a solution because their budgets are too tight to hire an agency or an iOS expert to develop a native app.

A Productive Mobile Moment in Time

It’s the end of the year and a large expense approval comes through on your Android mobile tablet from your marketing team to participate in a tradeshow in the spring. After giving it some thought, you ask your marketing lead from your iPhone if it’s possible to pay the expense in the current fiscal year. Within minutes she replies “yes” within the approval submission and you quickly approve it on your mobile device while you are in a meeting.


I don’t have time to look; give me more details.

When you want to make an approval quickly, sometimes it’s just not possible when you require more background and contextual information to make a sound decision.

To ask a question or make a comment, you often have to go into your email or a disparate system where the conversation is unattached and not stored with the original approval request. It would be ideal to get the extra details you need within the approval request on your mobile device as well as the ability to collaborate with the appropriate people when you need more clarification.


A Not-So-Good Moment in Time

One of your employees submits a time off request. As due diligence, you login to your VPN on your mobile device to access your Outlook team calendar, SAP to make sure he has enough vacation time, and a different part of SAP to make sure you have the right resource allocations.

After browsing through a lot of data and getting kicked off your VPN multiple times, you give up and hope to take care of it later at your desktop computer.


Mobile Productivity Wins

When a big purchase order approval request comes in for 10,000 units of your product, using your iPad you are able to see the PO details and ask the submitter for clarifying details about the purchasing terms and conditions. Within a few hours you receive your answer and quickly approve the expense on your Android smartphone. All of the conversations that were part of the decision making process are stored in the system of record and stay confidential.

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