Employee App TCO Calculator

What are the options and costs to take my enterprise mobile?
This tool helps you estimate the costs of the different approaches you can take to make your employees mobile.

Please tell us about your mobility goals:

A simple use case is a very narrow scenario that typically involves one enterprise ecosystem (e.g., share an idea, find an expert).

Business processes like a purchase order approval or time off request are more complex and involve a mashup of information from multiple enterprise ecosystems (e.g., SAP, SharePoint).

  • Leveraging the real value of enterprise mobility means exposing simplified processes and use cases to every employee in your organization – in the office and in the field. Sitrion ONE provides pre-built and vendor-maintained native apps for the major mobile platforms to ensure every employee has access via any mobile device of their choice.

  • To get work done, an employee needs to access at least 3 -5 systems per day. To make these complex systems simpler, your enterprise mobility solution needs to mashup data, processes, and content from multiple sources into one productivity stream with a consistent user experience on any mobile device. Sitrion ONE provides pre-built and vendor-maintained enterprise ecosystem connectors.

  • Sitrion ONE provides the same level of security either with or without Mobile Development Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management (MAM). This TCO calculation does not include MDM/MAM costs, but be aware that with custom or development platform approaches you need to add these costs to the comparison. Fortunately, with Sitrion ONE you get an end-to-end solution, which includes the highest level of security.


The above cost analysis is for guidance only. Your actual results will be different than shown. Costs are estimated and do not represent the final development costs associated with the different mobile app development approaches. Contact us for more information.

Cost Estimate
Custom App Development Development Platform Sitrion ONE
Development Cost
Maintenance & Operational Cost
Total Cost of Ownership

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Custom App Development Development Platform End-to-end Rapid Mobile App Dev
(RMAD) with Sitrion ONE
Average time
5-10 months 2-6 months 1-3 months
Approach Best-of-Breed Best-of-Breed End-to-End
Security Need 3rd party Need 3rd party Enterprise Security, MDM supported, but not required
Via 3rd party or custom Via 3rd party or custom 7 Pre-built +REST connectors included, custom connectors possible
Mobile Ecosystems Requires new app per ecosystem iOS, Android iOS, Android, Windows Phone
No Limited Yes
Sweet Spot High specific apps for one platform Vendor supported development of apps for multiple platforms Rapid development and distribution of use cases to large audiences in ONE single app
Niche/Limited Multiple (assumes proper security concept & solutions) Highly scalable (e.g. employees, partners, contractors, flexible workforce)
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