Operations Agility: 25 Ways to Mobilize the Workforce

25 ways to mobilize your operations workforce

As an Operations leader, you’re responsible for ‘keeping the engine running,” but often face many challenges when it comes to managing your employees. In many cases, employees are distracted with inefficient business processes and struggle with too many systems for completing simple tasks. Field and non-desk workers in particular are often cut off from the broader organization, which keeps them uninformed and disconnected from the pulse or your organization. All of these challenges affect your workers productivity and prohibit organizational agility.

Drive operations agility with mobile

To overcome these operational challenges, you vastly improve employee’s dayto-day productivity by leveraging mobile devices for key business processes and communications. Mobile devices are the most reliable and efficient platform for directly reaching, engaging, and empowering your employees to be more productive.

Mobile drives efficiency and productivity

By mobilizing key business processes (like approval actions, time entry, and information updates) on employee phones, you’ll drive efficiency and productivity. Mobile removes the barriers to productivity, and enables employees to spend less time on administrative tasks and to focus on their core job. By incorporating mobile, you’ll have a big impact on reducing the time and cost of your business operations.

The following are 25 effective ways Operations managers can use mobile to make work better for operations agility.

Communications and Alerts

Push timely, relevant alerts to all employees or by group, location, region, or department:

  • Alerts (e.g. weather warnings, office closings)
  • Disaster preparedness / Contingency plans
  • Crisis communications and security alerts
  • Department and facilities alerts

Employee-Related Tasks

Use mobile to enable quick completion of employee-related tasks:

  • Submit leave requests
  • Submit expense reports
  • Enter time reporting
  • Personal information changes
  • Submit purchase orders (PO)

Safety and Compliance Education

Use mobile for safety and compliance education:

  • Announce training programs and courses
  • Communicate safety procedures
  • Send regulatory compliance requirements

Align Workforce with Organization

Use mobile to keep remote employees connected to the broader


  • Company mission and values
  • Company strategy, goals, performance results
  • Leadership communications
  • Community involvement and causes

Managerial Approvals

Use mobile for manager approvals:

  • Approve travel expenses
  • Approve leave requests
  • Review and approve time sheets
  • Approve Purchase Orders (POs)

Employee Feedback

Use mobile to facilitate two-way dialogues with employees: 

  • Capture employees’ ideas and feedback
  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Find expertise within the organization
  • Keep employees informed on new products

Using mobile to reach every employee 

Remote, field, non-desk workers

If your business employs a distributed workforce such as non-desk workers like retail staff, shop floor personnel or other roles that don’t require a laptop or desktop, you likely find yourself struggling to communicate with these workers important company news, department updates, and new procedures in a timely manner. With mobile, you can do away with slow paper-based systems and emails, and reach all your remote workers anytime. 

Millennials & Mobile

More than 20% of Millennials only use a mobile device to access the internet, and the remaining 80% are more likely to use a mobile device more than a laptop or desktop to get work done. The younger portion of your workforce is very comfortable with mobile technology. As this generation increases its footprint in your organization – you will need to be mobile first to attract, retain and get the best results from this generation.

Drive workforce efficiency and operations agility with mobile

Mobile technology is the most direct way to reaching and engaging all your employees, helping them stay informed and productive. Learn more about using mobile for your operations in your company. Our award winning mobile solution, Sitrion ONE, allows you to deliver timely, relevant messages and job-related tasks to every employees through their mobile devices.

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