Targeted Communications
Across the Enterprise with Mobile

Sitrion provides your communications experts with powerful tools to reach every employee on their device of choice. Now your communications team has everything they need at their fingertips to send targeted, mobile-ready messages.

How do you send out your corporate communications today? Do you have email distribution lists, notice boards, and employee Intranets? All of these outlets take a lot of resources and provide no guarantee that you are truly reaching all of your employees. Since almost all your employees have personal mobile device, it makes sense to take advantage of this communications platform. With Sitrion ONE's employee solution you are able to reach all of your employees on the mobile device of their choice through targeted messages to specific audiences at specific times to make sure you get the highest impact.

  • A research organization shares knowledge and news with its clients via their mobile devices. Each user gets subscribed information wherever he is.
  • A retailer needs to target messages to specific peer groups based on expertise and region. Store managers as well as store employees get real-time product recall alerts, weather warnings, and competitive information.
  • A transportation company is able to share information from HR, supervisors, and corporate communications much faster on personal devices to its field team on the road 24/7.

Although this mobile approach seems simple, in most cases it is too expensive or too cumbersome for users and IT to implement this kind of mobile scenario. Sitrion supports you with a smart solution to configure and distribute such apps quickly. Specific and targeted social use cases on mobile help you to boost adoption and take your Social Initiative to the next level.


Sitrion ONE – The Smartest Combination of Mobile Backend and Cloud Infrastructure

Sitrion ONE gives you an agile, end-to-end solution to handle all of your enterprise mobility challenges in a fast, secure, and inexpensive way. It connects to your backoffice infrastructure; it delivers the right information to the right employee; it provides native functionality on the mobile client of your choice; and allows the mobile client to securely connect to your systems to get work done.

All of this happens in a single mobile app which works on the three major mobile platforms – Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. The Sitrion ONE cloud platform (hosted on Microsoft Azure) securely connects devices to the backend, manages roles as well as functionality, and securely connects to your on premise and cloud systems (e.g., SAP,, SharePoint, etc.). It even can leverage your Microsoft ADFS security infrastructure for multi-factor authentication. All of the communication between your datacenter and your Sitrion ONE cloud tenant in Azure is channeled through a secure enterprise service bus.

Jumpstart Your Mobile Initiative with Pre-Built Use Cases and Connectors

Sitrion ONE delivers with a wide selection of configurable mobile use cases out of the box, which typically cover 80% of the mobile use cases your organization needs. This allows you to quickly roll out mobile capabilities that are integrated with your back-office architecture through our standard connectors to enterprise systems like SAP, SharePoint, Exchange, Office 365, and Salesforce. You can also connect to any other platform via REST API’s.

Mobilize Use Cases in Days Not Months

Skill shortage is a major threat for mobilizing your enterprise. Sitrion ONE lets you leverage your existing Microsoft .NET expertise instead of hiring mobile platform-specific talent. Using our Visual Studio-based AppBuilder, you can say goodbye to costly app development.


  • Choose from many pre-built mobile use cases, capabilities, and controls
  • Assemble your own use cases with drag & drop capabilities
  • Add backend integration with enterprise applications leveraging pre-built connectors 
  • Test, review, and adjust the app in real time
  • Configure use cases and deploy them instantly 
  • Personalize mobility use cases based on user roles, permissions, geography, etc. 
  • Leverage native apps so users don‘t need to update the app when you roll out or update use cases
  • Sitrion ONE in action: Sitrion ONE Youtube Channel

Sitrion ONE’s smart, end-to-end approach helps you to save up to 90% in development costs and can accelerate your deployment time by up to 87%. 

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