The Hidden Costs of Lost Productivity


Empowering people to be productive via mobile

Employees are in a fight for their time. Too often, endless procedures, superfluous tasks, and office policies detract from that feeling of fulfillment, disengaging us from our work. Because of these redundancies, productivity suffers, communication breaks down, and many can’t focus on their real work. But with the increasing mobile footprint, employers have the opportunity to enable employees to be more productive and to take advantage of more productive moments throughout their day on mobile devices. If done right, employers can experience productivity gains of 10 work days per employee per year via mobile.

Entering the mobile era

More than ever, mobile devices are entering the workplace. More than 85% of employees have a mobile device, and use it both at home and at work—for staying current on important news, doing quick transactions, shopping online, confirming appointments, and many other uses in small chunks of time. Now, everyone is empowered to get things done anywhere at any time.

But are you empowered to be productive?

Throughout the day, you have many moments to get things done, such as in between meetings, while sitting in a cab, or commuting to and from work. However, taking advantage of those times, are challenging if you don‘t have a corporate-issued mobile device or you don‘t have mobile access to enterprise systems. That’s why only 4% of mobile usage is spent on being productive. But by leveraging your own personal mobile device, you can take advantage of those small moments in your day.

Even busy schedules allow small moments of productivity on mobile

Consider a typical office worker who is running from meeting to meeting. In order to be productive, he gets work done at his desk before he leaves for the next meeting. Even during a 10 minute break in between meetings, he only manages to get a few things done. Now imagine, how productive he could be, if he received news, alerts, approvals, documents and processes in one stream on a personal mobile device.

Mobile moments are precious, empower to be productive

As a matter of fact, increasing productivity just twice a day results in over 75 hours of additional productivity time or a savings of $3,750 per employee, per year. For 5,000 employees in a company, this means a savings of $18.75M or productivity gains of 375,000 hours. Moments of mobile productivity are precious. Empower as many people as possible to be productive in 60 seconds or less. 

Empower non-desk workers to be productive in 60 seconds 

The digital challenge for non-desk workers 

Many organizations have a mix of desk, remote, and non-desk workers. Non-desk workers usually are not connected to digital systems and often share access to kiosks, like blue collar workers in a plant or nurses in a hospital. These employees face high barriers, like having to keep track of multiple passwords, slow systems, or complex, hard to navigate user experiences. 

Help employees focus on what’s important

Non-desk workers, like nurses, for example, want to spend time taking care of patients, not dealing with inefficient technology. However, up to 90% of non-desk workers have a personal smartphone, which can be leveraged to complete multiple routines in small moments of time. They can read company news, request leave, get notified on updated documents or confirm a new guideline in seconds.

By empowering employees to be more productive, you decrease user support costs, better leverage technology investments, and have huge productivity gains. 

Empower workers-on-the-go to be productive in 60 seconds on their mobile device

The mobility challenge for deskless workers 

Consultants, field sales, or service agents spend a lot of time on the road. Although these off-desk workers are mobile and optimized for mobility, they often still struggle with simple, recurring tasks like time management, documentation, approvals or travel expenses. These tasks often have to be done on a laptop, establish a VPN connection, and navigate to multiple systems. 

Equipping them to be more productive

With a mobile environment that is optimized for moments of productivity, you empower off-desk employees to get documentation, information and reaction tasks done quickly. They can perform tasks like approvals, policy confirmations, meeting check-ins and catching up on important news anywhere in just a few seconds.

By unifying content and activities from multiple systems into one cohesive mobile stream, your organization greatly improves data accuracy, reduces administrative times, and speeds up processes like invoicing.

Everyone is motivated – now empower them on mobile

Moments are precious for everyone. Employees want to be productive, they just need to have the right tools. With Sitrion ONE, you can free your employees from dealing with complex technology and simplify their work. They’ll be empowered to be more productive with benefits to your organization’s bottom line. Learn more about delivering moments of productivity with the Sitrion ONE employee app.

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