Mobile Success Framework

Let our team of experts guide you to mobile success with our proven framework.


Reach and Engage All Employees

An employee mobile app is key to reaching and engaging your entire workforce. But your initiative will only succeed when you deliver value for the employee, not by making a system mobile. To really create value for all employees, it’s time to simplify routines and communications. Together we will explore best practices and adapt those to your requirements.

Guiding You Through Your Mobile Journey

To truly mobilize your business, there needs to be alignment with the three foundational pillars of people, business, and technology – all working together toward the same vision and strategic goals. Benefit from our proven methods, tools and best practices to align your business drivers, your employees’ needs, and your technology landscape as one well-oiled machine.

7 Steps to Employee App Success

Quickly implement an employee app with our proven methodology.


We will work with you to dig into your strategic goals, your target audiences, and the business problems you are trying to solve.


Based on our research, we will share tangible examples of use cases that solve your business needs. The result will be a prioritized use case list with success metrics and timelines.


Our technical team will work with you to implement and deploy Limeade Communiations within your environment, including all of the initial use case scenarios.


Before going into production, we will do a technical review with you to check the product setup as well as initial use cases. If needed, we will make real-time adjustments and make sure that everything is ready.

  User Acceptance Test (UAT)

We recommend that a small group of your users will have the ability to test out the implementation before going live. It‘s your opportunity to get real-life feedback and work on improving quality and usability.

You can go from Research to UAT within the Kickoff Workshop. We kick-start your  employee app project.



We will support you to execute your rollout plan and provide you with best practices to generate interest and awareness.

  Regular Check-In

Your success is our mission. Even after successful rollout, we will continue to serve as your trusted advisor by reviewing key metrics and sharing ideas as well as best practices from other customers.

Your success is our mission – let‘s start now!

Your mobile-first transformation takes time and effort, but is critical for your organization to compete in today’s global marketplace, and well worth the effort for your employees and your bottom line.

With Limead Communications, our secure and intuitive mobile platform, along with experiences from hundreds of enterprise projects, we’ll guide you through your mobile journey. 

A dedicated customer success manager will always be available for you and will have an eye on how your initative is doing on people engagement, business alignment and technology enablement.

Now that you have an overview of how we can help you on your mobile journey, contact us to get started. Get in touch with your Account Executive  or visit our contact page.

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