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HealthSouth is one of the nation's largest providers of post-acute healthcare services, offering both facility-based and home-based post-acute services in 34 states and Puerto Rico through its network of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, home health agencies, and hospice agencies.

In early 2015, HealthSouth embarked on a journey to solve their internal communications challenges - ones that are universal to most companies like struggling to reach employees when and where they want to receive information, being able to measure if they are reaching their employees, cutting through the noise, and catering to an increasingly younger, mobile-savvy workforce.

From Concept to Realization

Employee focus group research revealed that employees had limited time to check email or visit HealthSouth 360 (their corporate Intranet) to obtain company-wide information because their jobs require unplugged dedication to patient interactions. With more employees having access to and utilizing smartphones on a regular basis, an employee app quickly emerged as a progressive choice to disseminate information across the company and better engage employees locally. HealthSouth's Hive employee mobile app, powered by Sitrion ONE, won the CEB 2017 Internal Communications award in the 'Innovation in Digital, Social and Mobile Communications' category.

HealthSouth & Sitrion Interview Video

Watch a discussion between HealthSouth’s Alyssa Hagan, Communications Manager and Daniel Kraft, Sitrion CEO about their new HIVE Employee App for Internal Communications. HealthSouth shares why a mobile workplace is so important and why they picked Sitrion ONE to help them reach and engage every employee on their smartphone.

HealthSouth On-demand Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar with Lindsay Jones, Associate Director, Communications, and Alyssa Hagan, Communications Manager, with HealthSouth where they explain the steps of their mobile journey – from focus groups, to vendor selection, to product pilot, to rollout, to results.

HealthSouth worked with Sitrion to build their Hive employee mobile app to reach and communicate with thousands of doctors, nurses, and employees distributed across the company as well as better engage employees locally.

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