Limeade Communications

The award-winning employee app for your global workforce.

Limeade Communiations is the easiest way to mobilize your global enterprise workforce. It’s a powerful, end-to-end mobile solution that revolutionizes employee communications and workflows with one simple, personalized employee app on any device.

Reach every employee, including deskless and field-based employees who don’t have access to a corporate email address.

  • Aggregated productivity stream
  • Deep system integrations
  • Pre-built mobile use cases
  • Runs on any device, anywhere
  • Security assured
  • Award winning employee app
app for employee communications Employee
app for mobile approvals and confirmations Approvals
& confirmations
app for expert search Expert Search
app for employee advocacy Employee
app for news, alerts and notifications News, alerts
& notifications
app for ideas and employee surveys Ideas &
timesheet app Time
app for shared documents Shared

Mobilize your enterprise teams

Our employee app mobilizes your organization's communications, tasks and workflows in one place.

Enterprise-ready by design

Award-winning mobile communication solution founded on more than a decade of experience serving Global 2000 companies.

Enterprise-Class Security


the mobile app with backend Integrations to SAP, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Oracle & More

backend integrations

Compelling Mobile app Experience

user experience

deploy the employee app without IT support

Deploys quickly
without IT

employee app that reduces the cost of internal communications

Reduces costs of

The “Reach Everyone” platform

Employee communications made simple with a powerful yet simple Content Management System.

mobile phone arrow Cloud Communications platform to make Employee communications simple
Reach your entire workforce.

Reach everyone including deskless or remote employees without access to a corporate email address.

Start a conversation.

Engage users in two-way dialogues (liking, commenting, polling) rather than traditional approaches that use a one-way “push” of information.

Cut through the noise.

Publish targeted news and alerts directly to employees’ mobile devices, giving them access to important company updates and employee information no matter where they are.

You have 100% control.

Segment and target your messages based on your employee’s role or location within the company, or use Active Directory to create groups for targeting. Learn more about our Limeade Communications Content Management System.


A typical day with the employee app

Explore these real-world stories to see how our employee app improves the lives of employees everywhere.

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