One Employee App for Field-based Employees

Limeade Communications optimizes and automates work routines for your deskless, remote and field-based teams.

Target alerts based on your employees’ role or location.

Sales Reps can take action on a CRM notification.

Foster healthy competition within teams or regions.

Mobile approval requests made easy.

Limade Communications is designed to reach every remote, deskless and field-based employee, even those without access to a corporate email address. Our employee app mobilizes the tasks they perform daily across multiple systems, and delivers important news and communications right to their mobile device. Limeade Communications also automatically syncs with your HR systems or your Active Directory in order to create users accounts and groups for targeting.

Our employee app  addresses these common use cases:


Approvals & 

News, alerts 
& notifications

Ideas & 


Other field-based efficiency use cases:

  • Approvals
  • Corporate information
  • Policy & procedure delivery
  • Training delivery
  • Regional information
  • Role-specific information
  • Pipeline alerts
  • Staffing alerts
  • Panic button
  • Facility incidents


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