The ONE employee app in the real world

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  • Priscilla Jones

    HR Director

    "I lead HR strategy for a large multinational company. Every day I log into 5-7 corporate systems to get my work done. Sitrion ONE helps me to improve my talent recruitment efforts and streamline HR services and benefits enrollment for my 9,000 employees around the world."

  • 8 AM

    Post new openings to our internal job referral program.

  • 10 AM

    Communicate new company policy to all regional staff.

  • Noon

    Distribute a two-way employee satisfaction survey.

  • 2 PM

    Review employee engagement data with our open enrollment platform.


  • 3 PM

    Review and approve a leave request from one of your team members.

  • 6 PM

    Send reminder to field staff who haven’t completed their open enrollment selections yet.

  • James Evans

    Retail Clerk

    "I don’t have a corporate email address, so catching up on important news, store promotions, and completing HR tasks are very challenging. Now I have my Sitrion ONE employee app to do it all from my smartphone."

  • 10 AM

    Clock-in at the start of my shift.

  • 11 AM

    Read the weekly store promotion update.

  • Noon

    Submit a vacation request to my boss.

  • 1 PM

    Complete staff satisfaction survey from HR.

  • 3 PM

    Watch and confirm a quick EPOS update video.

  • 6 PM

    Clock out at the end of the day.

  • Sue Reid

    Healthcare Physician

    "I love to get things done. But to do my job well, I need quick access to important news as well as colleagues and share improvements easily. Life is much easier with my Sitrion ONE employee app and I can get things done without my desktop computer."

  • 8 AM

    Catch up on the last team meeting notes.

  • 10 AM

    Find an internal toxicology expert to help with a patient diagnosis.

  • Noon

    Read a corporate news update.

  • 2:30 PM

    Review and confirm a health and safety update.

  • 6 PM

    Share ideas to improve our triage process.

  • Ian Smith

    Plant Manager

    "I’m always on the move. Returning to my desk to access documents, ask questions, or call colleagues is not an option. With Sitrion ONE I’m always connected and in the know."

  • 6:30 AM
    (before work) 

    Read ‘out-of-hours’ employee safety alert.

  • 9 AM

    Approve leave request for a team member.

  • 11 AM

    Approve computer hardware purchase invoice from finance team.

  • 3 PM

    Read and confirm new safety procedure.

  • 4 PM

    Lookup an internal HVAC expert on my phone.

  • 5:30 PM

    Review weekly employee work hours report.

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