Reach your company’s day-to-day heroes with our employee app

Stay in touch with colleagues, quickly read company news or take a spontaneous snapshot: the mobile phone has become an integral part of our work lives. With an employee app, you can now reach all people in your company and offer clear added value – modern, secure, and highly cost-effective.

Company News

Idea Campaigns

Internal Communication

Feedback & Support

Approvals & Workflows

Leave Requests, Absence, Shift Plans


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Every day we work on our mission to "Make Work Better," and with our award-winning mobile solution, millions of our customers' employees are more productive, more committed, and more successful.
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The employee app is the only medium with which you can really reach everyone

An employee app provides added value to all employees and helps your organization to better target communications, operate more efficiently, and to become more agile.

Heroes don’t use the intranet
No one in your company has the job of searching for documents or filling out forms. Your heroes manufacture products, make customers happy, or help patients. Give them the opportunity to always be connected to the heartbeat of your company with an employee app.

We all use our mobile phone almost all the time
Whether you are on the way to work, during a break with colleagues, or in front of a customer, your mobile phone is firmly integrated into your life and you use it for almost everything. With Sitrion ONE, your employees can now use their mobile phones to also read through team news, apply for a leave, or participate in an ideation campaign in a single app.






Your Employee App: Free in the App Store

Every employee, whether they have an email address or not, can download the employee app from the App Store and get started immediately. It is as simple and self-explanatory as WhatsApp or Facebook.

  • Available in the Apple, Android & WindowsPhone Store
  • Login with email address or phone number
  • Your logo & branding
  • As secure as online banking, using fingerprint & pin authentication
  • No training required


“I love working with Sitrion. They are always one step ahead of the market.”

  Jay Clem, General Manager, HR IT, Microsoft (Redmond, USA)

Your new employee app at a glance

Internal Communication
Target the right internal information and articles to specific groups, locations, roles, or even all employees, from fully automated editorial news from your intranet to individually created team news by executives or assistants.

Useful Information
Bulletin boards on walls, printed employee magazines, or canteen kiosks are outdated. Now your heroes receive targeted useful information on the mobile device in their hands.

Surveys & Crowdsourcing
Give your heroes the opportunity to actively shape your company. Gather feedback through comments, surveys, or structured ideation campaigns.

Brand Ambassador
Increase your sales by making your heroes proud brand ambassadors. Let employees share content such as marketing campaigns, promotions, press releases, on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Leave Requests, Absence, Shift plans
From now on, let your heroes request a vacation via their mobile device, view shift plans, or submit an absence report. We can fully integrate with your HR systems (e.g., SAP HCM, PeopleSoft, etc.).

Approvals & Workflows
Gone are the days when executives had to click through complex interfaces or portals to approve an invoice or leave request. From now on, all approvals and workflows are listed in a central task list in the employee app.


use smartphones privately and in business


  14 to 29-year-olds own a smartphone


  of 30 to 49-year-olds own a smartphone


  of 50 to 64-year-olds own a smartphone

Source: Bitkom 2016


“Right from the start Sitrion proved that they are not just a supplier, but a real partner.”

Alyssa Hagen, Manager Internal Communication, HealthSouth

Fast & Secure

We can make you super heroes: Benefit from our years of experience with big corporations and medium-sized businesses



User Experience



Get started within 2 weeks
Implementing Sitrion ONE is so simple and straightforward, we can get you started within weeks. Your heroes need to manufacture products, make customers happy or help patients. Don’t let long implementation cycles keep them from connecting to the heartbeat of your company!
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Security, Privacy & Workers Council
Security is our highest priority: Sitrion is hosting your employees' app in European data centres, and is subject to §11 BDSG order data processing. All functions and reporting can be implemented in accordance with worker councils requirements.
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