Sitrion & Microsoft working together to make work better

For more than a decade, Sitrion has worked closely together with Microsoft, and we’ve always been on the forefront of tuning into Microsoft technology. With the Sitrion ONE employee app, we provide common workplace routines in a single native experience, aggregating multiple backend system sources into one productivity stream. Now with Microsoft PowerApps, the productivity stream surfaces even more sources in a native experience.

What are PowerApps?
Microsoft PowerApps empowers business users to quickly create and distribute HTML-based apps based on their needs without having to wait months for custom app development. PowerApps is a huge step for Microsoft, its customers and its partners.

How are Sitrion and Microsoft working together?
Within PowerApps, the Sitrion ONE productivity stream is a specific app that allows users to see the same cards they could see from Sitrion ONE. The power of the Sitrion ONE platform is leveraged within PowerApps to show information and approval cards and let users take action directly within the productivity stream. Get all your information and approvals sent proactively to you so you can be productive in the moment. This app is currently under joint development between Sitrion and Microsoft and is planned to be available directly from the PowerApps catalog.

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