Smart architecture

Everything as it should be – sensitive data in the backend, administration in the cloud, and a great app experience for every employee. 
It's the smartest combination of mobile backend and cloud Infrastructure.

ONE Mobility Solution Architecture
Mobilize Your enterprise efficiently

Security, development costs, and skills shortage are the main concerns associated with enterprise mobility. Our smart enterprise mobility product solves these with a compelling end-to-end solution that includes enterprise application integration, cloud-based management, and simplified native app delivery.

100% Native

Limeade Communications enables you to implement a secure, BYOD mobile strategy, and delivers native apps for iOS and Android and HTML client. No matter which mobile operating system or device you use, the Limeade Communications experience is the same – a robust productivity stream, integrated approvals, and easy-to-setup micro-apps. Rethink enterprise mobility - watch the video

Pre-Built Cards & Micro-Apps

With our pre-built cards and micro-apps you provide immediate value and jumpstart your mobile initiative. Pre-built or custom cards/micro-apps can be assigned in real-time to users based on roles, geography, etc. and are instantly available within the employee app. Limeade Communications also provides a Microsoft Visual Studio based AppBuilder to create custom cards/micro-apps that are built upon pre-packaged capabilities (like push notifications, cards, single-sign-on, etc.).

Create Custom Mobile Scenarios quickly

Skill shortage is a major threat for mobilizing your enterprise. Limeade Communications lets you leverage your Microsoft .NET expertise instead of hiring rare iOS or Android talent. Check out our Visual Studio based AppBuilder and our native apps, and say goodbye to costly development costs and service providers. This smart approach helps you to save up to 90% of development cost and accelerates time to market by 87%.

Enterprise Security in the Cloud

Limeade Communications comes with a cloud-based architecture and is SOC 2 compliant. The cloud platform provides all core capabilities like administration, role management, notifications, tasks, single-sign on, and backend integrations. Our employee app ensures secure access to all sensitive backend data with or without Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions. Additionally it leverages your Active Directory Infrastructure. Learn more about employee app features and capabilities.

Powerful Backend Integration

Developing corporate mobile applications is costly. In fact backend integrations account for the majority of costs. Our employee app comes with standard connectors to enterprise systems like SAP, SharePoint, Office365, Peoplesoft, and many more. Limeade Communications gives you the freedom to create custom micro-apps blending SAP data, SharePoint documents and Social comments. Learn more about features and capabilities.

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