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Social & HR solutions that help 
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Social Intranet

The only Social Workplace on SharePoint. 40% of social
business leaders rely on our market leading solution.

Internal Communications

Transform your internal communications to reach and
engage more employees across your organization.

Social Innovation

Crowdsource new ideas, surface expertise, connect people
with like-minded peers, and measure the business value.

True HR Self-Services

State-of-the-art SAP HR self-services to boost employee
adoption and improve HR process efficiency.

Social Intranet

Give your employees one place to get work done. Sitrion provides the most integrated, business-centric social software that intertwines the collaborative power of Microsoft SharePoint and Office with the transactional efficiency of SAP HCM.

The most efficient and productive way to work

Every organization needs to look closely at how to work smarter, connect with their workforce, improve productivity, and engage and empower their teams. With Sitrion you put on top of your SharePoint on-premise solution the market leading Enterprise Social Networking solution.

Connect and find expertise

Connecting people to people and people to content – that’s what Sitrion does. We can help you get onboarded faster, find experts in your organization, and get answers to your questions. Leverage colleague and community recommendations to find relevant people and activity related to your role. 


Social Intranet

Unified Social Workplace 
Provide your employees with a truly-integrated social workplace across SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce, Dynamics and SAP.

Social Intranet

Find expertise faster
Our powerful social graph connects a question with the internal experts in your organization to get real-time answers. 

Social Intranet

Recognize & Reward Performance 
Retain top talent through recognition and rewards by leveraging powerful performance-based badging or a virtual “pat on the back.”

Reach & Engage More Employees

Reach & Engage More Employees:
Improve employee engagement across your enterprise by creating two-way dialogues that drive collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

Reach & Engage More Employees

Targeted Communications:
Reduce the noise by personalizing, targeting, and automating your communications.

Reach & Engage More Employees

Analytics & Control:
Leverage actionable analytics and learnings for email newsletters, policy disclosures, and other employee communications.

Internal Communications

Transform the way your organization communicates. With Sitrion your Intranet becomes the hub of all of your internal communications where real conversations and employee engagement comes to life. 

Track the pulse of your organization

Make transparent communication and collaboration a reality. Internal communications is more than just promoting events and information; it’s also about motivating and engaging employees.

Have more impact and more control

Publish targeted announcements with system-wide notifications or direct notifications to specific groups and communities. Track and analyze the impact of your corporate messaging to increase the impact. 

Expand your reach to the right people

Your messaging needs to be positioned where it will have the most impact and greatest reach across your Intranet, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync, and mobile apps.

Social Innovation

Crowdsource ideas, connect users with like-minded peers, surface expertise, and measure the business value. Learn more about cultivating innovation in your organization. 

Innovation is much more than Ideation

Tapping into the ideas and creativity of your people is only one facet of innovation. Propelling those ideas to drive positive outcomes is a critical component of the innovation process. Leveraging the Social Intranet for Innovation is a smart move and fosters adoption as well as participation. Sitrion makes it simple to share and collaborate on ideas.

Derived from our customer's business reality

Our Innovation Solution delivers an end-to-end process from ideation, to evaluation to validation, and then execution and measurement. Based on our years of experience working with and learning from leading innovators, Sitrion has created a solution to address your needs with a foundation for repeatable and measurable business value.

Social Innovation

Create idea campaigns 
Start a project concept and invite your organization to share ideas. You’ll be surprised how many of those ideas generate real business value.

Social Innovation

Big ideas are everywhere: 
Each employee can contribute ideas from anywhere, on any device, using a structured innovation process.

Social Innovation

Turn ideas inot Revenue streams 
Let your subject-matter experts vote on top idea suggestions. Our Innovation Lab helps you to accelerate the evaluation process. 

HR Self-Services

Employee Self-Services:
A powerful employee self-services portal seamlessly syncs to SAP and SharePoint, on any device.

HR Self-Services

Manager Self-Services:
Boost your managers’ productivity with easy-to-use self-services workflows such as travel and time off requests. And many more.

HR Self-Services

Benefits Enrollment:
Make your benefits enrollment process easier. Grow adoption by up to 80% and save up to $50 per person in training and support costs.

HR Self-Services

Effectively implement SAP HR self-services to boost employee adoption and process efficiency. Sitrion helps you easily integrate HR processes into your daily work environment that includes your SharePoint-based Intranet, Office 365, web, or mobile devices.

Improve Workforce Productivity

Making daily routines easier and faster has a huge impact on overall productivity. One of our clients found that digitizing leave requests for employees and managers saves the company $12M per year. Another client found that Sitrion’s benefits enrollment solution was so easy they received 100% participation for the first time.

Bring processes to the people

Introducing people to new business processes can be costly. It requires huge investments in training and HR call center infrastructure, but often results in poor user satisfaction. Why not do it the other way round, and bring the processes to where the people work? Our clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars by reducing HR call center volume, and benefit from significantly higher adoption rates and user satisfaction.

Microsoft & SAP

Transform and simplify your HR business processes and workflows across the Microsoft and SAP ecosystems.

  • Sharepoint Collaboration
  • SAP on Sharepoint & Office 365
  • Dual Vendor Strategy

Microsoft Sharepoint Collaboration

Seamlessly integrate advanced social, mobile, and self-service capabilities to realize the next-generation workplace. In the cloud and on-premise.

SAP on Sharepoint & Office 365

Better leverage your SAP investment with HR self-services, task approvals, calendar syncs, and more. On premise or in the cloud.

Dual Vendor Strategy

Combine the collaboration focus of Microsoft with the
transactional power of SAP.

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Founded on 10 Years of Enterprise Solutions

For more than a decade, Sitrion has helped organizations drive engagement and collaboration, uncover expertise, innovate successfully and establish true HR self-services. Over 5 million users around the world are harnessing the power of Sitrion solutions today.
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