Revolutionize Internal Communications

Reach and engage more employees across your organization

It’s All About Engagement


Make Transparent Communication a Reality
Corporate communications is more than just promoting events and information, it’s also about motivating and engaging employees. Cultivate a work environment that values trust, and builds confidence across teams and business functions with Sitrion. Transform the way your organization communicates, and quickly arm your brand champions with the information they need to succeed.

Paradigm-Shift in Corporate Communications


Pushing Out Messages is Not Enough Any More
While it is common practice to send out email newsletters or to put important messages on your intranet, most employees prefer an interactive ‘Facebook’ style of communication. Using Sitrion, your internal communications team benefits greatly because they have full control over their messages while also ensuring flexibility. You can target each message to the right audience as well as accurately measure results.

Embrace Change & Communicate Efficiently


Align Your Worldwide Organization
Impactful communications like Mastercard’s new vision of ‘a world beyond cash' can create a lot of questions in employees’ minds. The only way to effectively manage change is to communicate and collaborate inclusively. With Sitrion, you empower your employees to become an integral part of the change process by creating a two-way dialogue that is both engaging and proactive.

Expand Your Reach with Mobile


Reach 80% of Your Employees, Wherever They Work
One of our customers put it nicely: “Today we are reaching just 20% of our staff because most employees work in plants and have no access to a computer. However, 80%+ of my colleagues have a smartphone or a table. So the only way to reach 80%+ of our workforce is to mobilize our communications.” Sitrion provides you with the infrastructure to establish a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach for internal communications.

Empower Your Corporate Communications

Effective communications must balance audience reach with clear, impactful and engaging messages


Get the right message to the right audience to start the dialogue. Strong information relevancy and smart targeting will result in more productive and engaged teams.

Commenting and Liking

Empowering your teams express their opinions, share best practices, and ask questions will benefit everyone. Pushing out messages is not enough any more.

Digests and Notifications

Empower your people to organize information based on their individual needs. Let them decide what, when, and how much information they get via digests and notifications.

Analytics and Impact

Protect and leverage your investment by measuring and tracking all activities. With the right data at your fingertips you can monitor and raise the bar on adoption.

Outlook Integration

While ‘zero email’ is a big vision, most knowledge workers still live and breathe in Outlook. Using our Outlook plug-in, employees can stay within the workflow they are comfortable with.


Try interactive polling to surface a question or an idea across your entire organization. People feel better connected and more engaged.

Managed Activity Streams

Information overload is a reality for many employees. Sitrion provides configurable activity streams to make key information more relevant and manageable.


Everything we do is mobile-first.

Choose from web or native apps, and expand to a secure, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution that connects to backend systems like SharePoint, SAP, Oracle or Salesforce.

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