Social Innovation

Use Your Social Infrastructure to Translate Ideas into Revenues

Your Social Workplace is the Foundation


Leverage Sitrion's Platform Capabilities to Drive Innovation
Employee engagement is the secret sauce to creating an innovation-based culture. According to McKinsey and Towers Watson, when employees are highly engaged, companies are 200% more innovative, 18% more productive, and 12% more profitable than their competitors. It’s hard to argue with those numbers. Why not use Sitrion’s full suite of all social capabilities to maximize innovation - from idea submission to new revenue stream?

A New Way to Look at Innovation Management


Overcome the Siloed Approach
Being innovative is challenging. It’s hard to find ideas, to vet ideas, and to turn ideas into revenue streams. The innovation value chain is fragmented, and often employees and innovation managers become frastrated with multiple, siloed applications. Sitrion adds compelling innovation capabilities that empower your teams to use social networking features to drive ideation, leverage internal expertise, and deliver great innovation initiatives.

Innovation is Much More Than Ideas

Tapping into the ideas and creativity of your people is only one facet of innovation. Propelling those ideas to drive positive outcomes is a critical component of the innovation process. Our innovation solution gives you an end-to-end process path - from ideation to evaluation, validation, execution, and measurement. Based on more than 10 years of experience working with leading innovators, Sitrion can help you build a successful foundation for repeatable and measurable business value.

Crowdsourcing and Ideation

Harness your organization’s creativity by making it easy for employees to voice and share ideas, then turn them into real competitive advantages.

Ideas Campaigns

With just a few clicks you can set up, promote and analyse idea campaigns. Gather tons of ideas tailored to a specific goal in a short, clearly defined timeframe.

Innovation Labs

Introduce an Innovation Lab that quickly translates your teams' ideas into revenues. Internal experts, either appointed or recommended based on skills, can vet ideas and accelerate decision making.

Expertise Finder

Leverage our expertise algorithm to capture knowledge about users based on everyday activities in their social network.

Idea Chooser

Search, sort, and categorize ideas for future review and team collaboration. Promote similar or related ideas into a new or existing Innovation Lab.

Turn Ideas Into Projects

Innovation owners can launch a project community to execute the final stages of the innovation process. Each community has its own description, objectives, content, and internal team members assigned to it.

Recognize & Reward Contribution

Employees can shine as subject matter experts by earning merit-based social network badges. Organizations to locate, recognize, and motivate top performers.

Questions and Answers

Dramatically decrease the ‘time to market’ of new ideas. Just post your question in the stream and the intelligent routing ensures that the best expert answers it in real-time.

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