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Sitrion’s Engagement Scorecard enables you to track the metrics most critical to user adoption and engagement including user conversion and participation, community and colleague connections, user and community activity levels, and knowledge sharing across your organization.

The Engagement Scorecard allows you to set goals specific to your organization’s business objectives and the social maturity of your user base. It provides a quantifiable and easy-to-read view of your company’s metrics with red/yellow/green status indicators so that you can quickly hone in on what is working and areas that need attention or improvement. Drill Down views of each metric provide trend data over time to assist with more detailed analysis. Empowered with these insights, you can take actions to boost engagement and adoption and ultimately achieve better business results from your social investment.

  • Global Dashboard – a visual overview of how the social network is performing with respect to participation, connections, recognition, question activity, access methods, social group activity, user activity levels, and sub-group activity
  • Community Dashboards – individual dashboards for every community that empower community managers to measure and manage key performance indicators such as follower trends, activity counts, recognition, knowledge sharing, activity types, and user/activity attention levels.
  • Detailed Graphs – drill down views of each global and community metric that depict data trends versus goals over time.
  • Easy Configuration – an easy-to-use interface enables you to set target values and goals for each global and community metric and establish sub-groups for social activity tracking.
  • Data Download – the ability to export data for further analysis or integration with business intelligence or big data systems.
  • Additional Graphs – important data and charts to assist with overall management of the social network including social group audit report, activity drilldown reports, user activity and attention details, etc.


Learn more: download our Engagement Scorecard Datasheet

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