ONE Platform Release 1.43

The Sitrion ONE Cloud Communications platform is the standalone end-to-end communications solution that publishes content to the Sitiron ONE stream on mobile and desktop clients.

What's New

Search function optimized for language

The 'search' feature now uses smart rules to deliver better results based on the specific language of posts. For example: the search will return results with the plural form of the word unique to the language - so an English search for "mouse" will also bring up posts with the word "mice" in them.

Your ONE system has a default tenant language that is set from the Card settings page.

How to use it: this ability is active in search. In the admin console, set your default language and configure what languages you'd like to allow authors to create cards in. This give author a list of languages to pick from when they publish a message. When someone searches for content in this card, having the right language setting will make it easier for the search to return the right information.

Contact your Sitrion Customer Success Manager for further configuration and specifics around languages and search.

See who liked a post

You can now see exactly what users liked a post below the post. A user's name and profile picture will be listed together on the card.

How to use it: this feature is now live in your ONE system.

Close a poll without removing it

Sometimes you want to end voting for a poll, but you'd like to keep the results visible in the stream. You can now do this with the 'close poll' option. 

How to use it: this feature is now live in your ONE system. You'll see the 'close poll' option as a red button in the top right of the 'message details' screen for the poll card.

Kelly Gault, Senior Solutions Engineer

Kelly has over 20 years of experience building custom desktop, mobile, and web based solutions. Based out of our Canadian office and a member of our Services delivery team, Kelly is happiest when using technology to solve complex problems for our customers. In addition to development, Kelly offers our customer base a unique blend of expertise in training, documentation, and architecture. When not geeking out with technology, you will find Kelly adventuring in the wilderness by bike, boat, or board.

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