ONE Platform Release 1.44

Disable comments and likes on a post

In this release, authors will now be able to disable social interactions for messages they post. This will remove the ability for users to like or comment on the post. Tenant and cloud comm administrators can also grant this permission explicitly to authors via the permissions area of the Cloud comm console.

How to use it: To use this feature, all a writer needs to do is check the “Disable social interactions” message option found in the right-hand message options section.

Caption your images

Authors can now add captions for images. This feature provides publishers the ability to add context to the shared images. The captions appear centered directly below the shared picture.

How to use it: When adding an image to a message authors can optionally add text in the text box that appears in the image thumbnail.

Invitation Analytics report page now available to authors

Authors with the cloud writer permission can now view invitation analytics reports. These reports show who within their groups is inviting others to the mobile app and how effective these invites are.

How to use it:  Authors will see a new option on the left-hand navigation under the reports section labeled Invitation Analytics. This also requires the deployment of the 'Invite a Colleague' microapp in your tenant. If your tenant does not have the microapp and you are interested in leveraging this use case, contact your Sitrion Customer Success Manager and they will happily help you out.

Export reports to excel

Cloud Comm and Tenant administrators can now export metrics from the Confirmations, Polls and Messages reports to excel easily with one click.

How to use it: Navigate to the confirmations, polls or messages report pages and click the Export to Excel button on the bottom right to download an Excel version of the report. The messages report also is available to authors.

Viewing users is improved

Administrators' Users page has been improved, with faster performance and an ability to view a larger list of viewers at once.

Bring users back with new card notifications

This new feature is here to help drive sticky adoption with your user base. Users who have not logged in in a while will get a push notification indicating how many cards are waiting for the user.

The conditions for receiving the notification are as follows:

  • The user has logged in within the past 30 days
  • The user has not logged in within the past 10 days
  • The user has at least one new card in her stream since the last time this was enabled
  • The user has push notifications enabled

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